When a baby is born, there are many options of gifts to give to the newborn child starting from small toys and clothes to cribs and prams. However, the best gift that you could get for your baby is something that provides him the comfort he needs.

A newborn child brings happiness, joy, and love to a home. The joy of holding your baby for the first time is something that is beyond words. Your baby is your gift, and you need to get some baby gifts for your home. 

Amazon.com Gift Card in a Premium Greeting Card by American Greetings (Baby Love Design)
  • Gift card fixed inside the box
  • No expiration date
  • Exchangeable for most products
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Pampers Baby Wipes Sensitive Perfume Free 8X Refill Packs (Tub Not Included) 576 Count
  • Alcohol-free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Hassle-free dispensing
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Baby Twins Game Box Fun Babsy (Free)
  • HD quality games
  • Age-appropriate games
  • Amusing arcade games
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Baby Shower Boxes Party Decorations - 44 pcs, 32 Blue Silver White Balloons, 4 Clear & Transparent Blocks, 8 Letters, First Birthday Centerpiece Decor, Boys & Girls Supplies, Gender Reveal Backdrop
  • Available in many sizes
  • Underneath storage space
  • Patterned box
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Baby Keepsake Boxes - Set of 2 Custom-Dyed Cloth Covering + Handmade & Acid-Free for Durability - Like Stylish Books with Full Organization System Inside;"The Library" Baby + School Years (Slate)
  • Library style organizer
  • Durable handmade dyed cloth box
  • 14.76×11.42×15.35 inches
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Top 8 Best Baby Bouncers Review in 2020

1. Amazon.com gift card in a Welcome Baby Gift Box

Whether you are an aunt, a sister, or the child’s father, a gift card is always the right choice. You cannot go wrong while buying a gift card because a newborn child brings a brand new responsibility and the child’s family needs to believe everything the baby needs. A gift card inside a beautifully decorated gift box that welcomes the child into the new world is the perfect present as it will allow the receiver to buy something of their own choice.

The gift card is a safer choice because you don’t have to worry that the person will like it or not with a gift card. They are a token of love and appreciation full of possibilities as you can buy whatever you want with the gift card. A gift card for a baby that comes in a customized baby box is a thoughtful and precious gift and would most definitely be appreciated.


  • Gift card fixed inside a box
  • Varying amount
  • No expiration date
  • Exchangeable for most products
  • Can be used online
  • Add a customized message in the baby box
What We Liked
  • The freedom of choice is something that comes with a gift card.
  • Given the receiver, the freedom to choose what he wants also lightens up your burden of selecting the right gift.
  • The Amazon gift card does not have a price label on it; hence only you would know how much the gift card is worth.
  • Gift cards are redeemable for almost anything in the stores as well as in online shopping.
  • The gift card price can vary from a low value of $50 up to your desired price.
What We Didn't Like
  • Getting a gift card once would be considered thoughtful, but doing it more often would seem like you did not have time to get a gift.
  • Everyone may not consider it as really valuable as a gift.

2. Pampers baby wipes sensitive perfume-free 8x Pop-top packs 576 counts

All a newborn baby practically does is feed, burp, sleep, and get his diaper changed. Sounds very simple. It isn’t a piece of cake because you will end up with a continuously crying cranky baby if the smallest thing goes wrong. Pampers baby wipes serve a smooth and fresh baby skin without making the baby shower every day.

A baby’s skin is delicate. It needs to be protected. Pampers baby wipes are the most suitable choice because they are clinically proven and trusted by dermatologists worldwide. Keep your babies skin protected from harmful materials like perfume, parabens, alcohol, and dyes. Pampers baby wipes are the best baby gift. The box has a dispensing opening that allows only one wipe to come out at a time. These wipes are used at international hospitals to protect baby’s delicate skin from a rash. It is said that these wipes have a gentle touch, gentler than getting washed by water.


  • Company: Pampers
  • Alcohol-free
  • Skin type: Sensitive
  • Dimensions: 7.95 x 9.33 x 11.46 inches
  • Number of wipes: 576
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Pop-top hassle-free dispensing
What We Liked
  • Your baby will be left with clean and smooth baby skin.
  • The alcohol and the perfume-free formula is safe.
  • It has a gentle touch for a comfortable experience.
What We Didn't Like
  • Although the formula is free from all harmful substances, the baby’s skin can still develop a rash or feel a burning sensation if allergic.

3. Baby Twins Game Box Fun Babsy

With a busy work life, it is quite impossible to keep your baby entertained all the time. Get your baby the Baby Twins Game Box, and it will help you get a little time for yourself while the cute little animated twins keep your beautiful baby happy and entertained. This baby gift will be memorable for your child as it has a fantastic range of games that will woo your child for hours.

Babsy company has released these arcade games for babies to learn and enjoy their time. They also improve and sharpen responsive and psychomotor skills. Get the game by downloading it on your mobile for your baby to enjoy and love.


  • HD quality games
  • Baby games
  • Amusing arcade games
  • Old-fashioned games
  •  Age-appropriate content
  • Size: 59.9MB
What We Liked
  • Interactive games to entertain your child
  • Interactive games
  • Helps in improving skills
What We Didn't Like
  • Extended screen time can affect the eyesight of the baby. Hence it is better to limit the timings of usage.

4. Baby Box

A baby needs to be fostered and nurtured with care. A baby box is a safe place that can be the comfortable one to enjoy his slumber, or it can also be where he or she enjoy their playtime. Gift your baby a baby box, and it would be the best gift ever. Interestingly, this tradition started in Finland, where new mothers were given free packs with essentials for their child.

The best thing about a baby box is that you can use it as a playpen as well as a place to sleep. Fill it with softballs and fluffy stuff toys for your baby, and he would gladly spend hours playing in there. It can also serve as an affordable crib. It is also a great way to keep baby things safe and near the baby.


  • A cardboard box
  • Available in various sizes
  • Has storage space underneath
  • Patterned box
What We Liked
  • A baby box will keep your baby safe from all the hazards at your home.
  • It is a safe and affordable box to carry and keep your baby in.
  • A baby box is multi-purpose; it can serve as a crib, a car seat, and a baby’s bed.
  • Baby boxes can also be reused and recycled to keep other things safe and organized.
What We Didn't Like
  • A baby box is lightweight, and hence it is better to be placed on the floor as it can tip over easily.
  • These boxes are made up of cardboard, and unlike net bassinets, their sides are not see-through.
  • They aren’t waterproof.

5. Baby Keepsake Boxes – Set of two, Custom Dyed Cloth Covering

A baby keepsake box will help you save and cherish the memories of your baby growing up. These keepsake baby boxes would not only be a memory for you but would make your child feel loved and wanted when he grows up.

You can keep various things that would remind you of when your child was a cute baby. An ultrasound picture, the clothes that he wore the first day, the wishes you got after birth, the wristband from the hospital, etc.

This keepsake box has room for every little detail you want. Organize the events in order, just the way you want. Our product is meant to protect the most cherished memories of yours. It has more than 100 labels, letters, and envelopes.


  • Dimensions: 14.76 x 11.42 x 15.35 inches
  • Model Number: Combo 3
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Library Style Organizer
What We Liked
  • A way to keep things organized
  • Durable handmade keepsake box made from the dyed cloth covering
  • Library style helps you keep things organized
What We Didn't Like
  • The product isn’t waterproof, so it is best to keep it away.

Buying Guide

While buying a gift for your baby it is best to keep usage and comfortability in mind. Whatever you purchase, if it won’t be useful, then you’re just wasting money. 


Whatever gift you decide on buying, make sure that it is durable. For instance, if you are going to invest in a baby box, it would be better to invest in a durable one that can be used for the next baby or for storing and organizing other stuff.


The comfort of your baby is vital. When you’re buying a crib or a stroller, make sure that the seat is comfortable, soft, and cozy so that your sweet baby would be happy in there.


While a crib and other baby stuff may be a little expensive, try your best to avoid used things. Your baby’s safety should be the highest priority, and second-hand items are a big “NO.” Make sure that the gift you buy is hazard-free. The same goes for purchasing health care products. Invest in products like Pampers alcohol-free wipes that will keep your baby safe from even a single rash.


You’ll need to buy baby gear based on your routine. For instance, if you travel a lot, a baby box would be useful as it is portable and easy to move around instead of a crib.


Some relations are so close to the heart that you can’t express your love in words. A gift is a token of love and your baby deserves all the love you have to give. Give your baby a present that he would love and enjoy because his comfort and joy would be yours as well. 

Although, it is easy to forget about the budget and usability while buying cute baby stuff, try your best to be practical and invest in stuff that would come in handy.