It is a parents’ dream to provide their babies with the highest quality material other than love- especially when it comes to their health. Now that you have a baby, there comes the responsibility of buying and changing diapers. 

Think of all those times you decided to buy a specific brand of diapers that keeps your baby’s skin healthy and rash-free along with other features. Now your baby will change approximately six to twelve diapers a day. With diapers reeking of the potty, the stench can add up fast even if you take the trash out regularly. 

To eliminate this factor, a baby diaper pail comes in handy. A simple dumping bin won’t suffice when it comes to those smelly baby diapers as they don’t cover the stench. You wouldn’t want your baby’s nursery smelling of revolting odors that can affect their health. 

You might be hearing about diaper pails just now, but the market is full of the item with different options for their importance. This article is all about guiding you to buy the best baby diaper pails (what to look for when buying a diaper pail, which diaper pails are the best, etc.). 
But before that, let’s first understand the difference between a baby diaper pail and a trash can.

What is a Diaper Pail?

Though you can buy a regular trash can or utilize the one present in your home, while you can do that, the features a diaper pail provides far exceeds the expectations of an ordinary trash can. Would you want to take the chance and find it out in a literal way with those smelly diapers in hand? 

Baby diaper pail comes with a tight seal to conceal the odors left by stinky diapers for days; a trash can doesn’t provide that feature. Some other features like ease of use, specialty bags, and odor-resistant material of a diaper pail make it more appealing than a trash can. 

Comparison of Baby Diaper Pails

ProductKey FeaturesBaby Weight TolerenceDimensions
Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Pail with Built-In Odor Controlling Antimicrobial, Includes Pail & 1 Refill, Grey
  • Foot paddle, front tilt bin, contains a carbon filter
                  8.36 poundsCheck Price
Ubbi Steel Odor Locking, No Special Bag Required Money Saving, Awards-Winning, Modern Design, Registry Must-Have Diaper Pail, White
  • Child lock, slow close lid, 55 diapers storage, rubber seals around the rim, and a sliding lid
                    5.15 poundsCheck Price
Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer, Includes (1) Bonus Toss Disposable Diaper Pail
  • Lavender scented baking soda cartridge, child lock, self-sealing system
                     12.08 poundsCheck Price
Dekor Mini Hands-Free Diaper Pail | White | Easiest to Use | Just Step – Drop – Done | Doesn’t Absorb Odors | 20 Second Bag Change | Most Economical Refill System
  • 25 diapers storage, hands-free dumping, triple door odor mechanism
                    3.72 poundsCheck Price
Playtex Diaper Genie Baby Registry Set, Includes 1 Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail, 8 Diaper Genie Refills and 8 Diaper Genie Carbon Filters for Odor Control
  • Foot paddle, front tilt bin, contains carbon filter, 270 diapers storage
                    10.54 poundsCheck Price

Top 8 Best Baby Bouncers Review in 2020

1. Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail, with Built-in Odor Controlling Antimicrobial

The Playtex diaper genie complete diaper pail is a sleek and compact design with a built-in odor-controlling antimicrobial mechanism. It is said that babies change 9,700 diapers in the first three years and give the Playtex pail the opportunity to minimize the workload. 

This baby diaper pail has an ensemble of a fully sized refill and is ready to get to work as soon you take it out of the box. A 7-layer refill bag, double air-tight clamps, and an activated carbon filter of the pail work together to give the perfect odor lock mechanism. 

With its innovative design, the diaper pail disposes of the dirty diapers a quick and easy task while locking in the stench, unlike other clampless pails with plastic bags and regular lids. The Playtex is famous among families with innumerable 5-star ratings.


  • Plastic material type
  • Includes composting
  • Item weight: 8.36 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 9.38 x 12.06 x 27 inches
  • Base only style
What We Liked
  • Built-in antimicrobial 
  • Foot paddle 
  • Holds up to 270 diapers
  • Contains carbon filter
  • Comes with a front tilt bin
  • Affordable
What We Didn't Like
  • Comes in white color

2. Ubbi Steel Odor Locking, No Special Bag Required Money Saving

With rubber seals and powder-coated steel, the Ubbi Steel baby diaper pail strives to lock in odor while controlling maximum odor. The built-in lid minimizes the stench sneaking out of the pail. With the pail, you can use any trash bag or reusable cloth liner to keep the cost at bay. 

The sleek design of the product makes the load, use, empty, and clean process a lot easier. It includes a child-proof lock and is available in many other colors. Famous for utilizing any standard trash bag, the Ubbi pail offers convenience and money-saving. 

The sleek, cylindrical design can store up to 55 diapers with a slow-close lid that reduces noise. 


  • Slow close lid
  • Child protection
  • Plastic material type
  • Item weight: 5.15 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 15.4 x 11.1 x 23.6 inches
What We Liked
  • Stores up to 55 diapers
  • Made of steel
  • No proprietary bags required
  • Money-saving
  • Rubber seals around the rim and sliding lid
  • Sleek design
What We Didn't Like
  • A bit expensive 
  • Less storage

3. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer, Includes 1 Bonus Toss Diaper Disposable Pail


With a Gold standard in baby diaper pails, Munchkin Step Diaper Pail boasts a sleek and modern look. It includes an easy to use pedal that solves the diaper dumping problem to the T. The elegant design works best with rings and seals, as well as snap and toss refill bags. 

Built-in self-sealing technology and Arm and Hammer’s lavender-scented baking soda trap the stench in the pail without any leaking. Best of all, the pail comes with a Munchkin lavender-scented Puck that works to absorb the stinky odors continuously. 


  • Product Dimensions: 12.25 x 27.63 x 13 inches
  • Made of plastic material
  • Item weight: 12.08 pounds
  • Includes self-sealing function
  • Puck baking soda cartridge
  • Step pedal
  • Child-proof locking mechanism
What We Liked
  • The only system that works with both rings and snaps, seal and toss bags
  • Additional odor control lavender-scented baking soda cartridge included
  • Keeps your children safe
  • Hands-free diaper dumping
  • The self-sealing system completely traps the stench inside
What We Didn't Like
  • Little expensive
  • Only available in white color

4. Dekor Mini Hands-Free Diaper Pail | White | Easiest to Use | Just Step

With Dekor Mini Diaper Rail, experience diaper dumping without using your hands with its foot pedal mechanism. The modern and compact design pail is easy to use and fits perfectly with your budget. No squishing, compressing, or twisting required while dumping the diapers. 

With continuous liners, empty the pail as frequently as you want without wasting any refills. It also has a triple odor trap mechanism that keeps the smelly stench inside the pail. With the child lock on, your babies will be safe. 


  • 25 diaper storage capacity
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 10 inches
  • Item weight: 3.72 pounds
  • Made of plastic material
  • Self-closing noise-free lid
  • Spring-loaded odor keeper trapdoor 
  • Made with closed cells ABS plastic
What We Liked
  • Foot paddle for hands-free dumping
  • Compact design
  • Noiseless lid closing mechanism
  • Suitable for pet waste as well
  • An effective triple door odor mechanism keeps the smell inside the pail
  • Resists scratches, dents, and rust
What We Didn't Like
  • Less diaper storage capacity
  • Smaller in size

5. Playtex Diaper Genie Baby Registry Set, Includes 1 Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail

This diaper disposal system gift set stores up to 270 diapers at once to avoid frequent trash-emptying trips. A 7-layer blocking mechanism keeps the room smell-free. The sleek and compact design fits anywhere in your baby’s room. The front tilt diaper bin is another process that makes the disposal easier. 


  • Product Dimensions: 9.57 x 14.32 x 27.14 inches
  • Item weight: 10.54 pounds
  • 7-layered interior
  • An ultimate odor lock system
  • Built-in antimicrobial
What We Liked
  • 270 diaper storage
  • Foot paddle 
  • Contains carbon filter
  • Comes with a front tilt bin
What We Didn't Like
  • A little expensive

Buying Guide

With a number of brands to choose from, it is not an easy choice to select the best baby diaper pail. Let us help you in choosing the right one for your baby’s nursery. Forget about the aesthetics and attractiveness (consider them as the last feature); think about the features you want in a pail. Here are some features to consider while buying a diaper pail. 

  • Seal

The very first feature and the best one considering baby diaper pail popularity, is the seal it comes with. This incredibly essential feature is what keeps the smelly odor of diapers at bay. The seal depends on the type of pail you buy. It could be as simple as the lid covering the receptacle portion, an automatically closing flap that closes as soon as you put the diaper in, or a twisting mechanism that locks the bag when the lid is down. 

  • Liner

Most baby diaper pails have an appropriate plastic liner integrated smoothly into the pail, while the others use simple bags like those in trash cans. Either you buy a pail with these special liners, or work with the trash bag, but only if you want to put in some extra work.

When buying a pail with liners, consider the cost of replacement of these liners as well. You may want to know if you can buy a reusable liner, especially when using cloth diapers. This is because reusable liners consist of the same material as a cloth diaper with the same washing process.

If you worry too much about the odor, consider purchasing a pail with an extra deodorizing element like a carbon filter or scented liners, to cancel out the stench. 

  • Size

With different shapes and sizes available, you can choose any baby diaper pail you like. Consider the baby’s room size and buy a pail that will fit perfectly inside the room without making the place a cluttered mess. 

Think of the space in your baby’s room where you can place the pail with enough space for the lid to open. Placing it near the changing table saves time and gives enough space for the top to open. Avoid placing the pail under any furniture because that could lead to diapers falling all over the floor because of the lid, not opening or opening halfway. 

  • Mechanism of Placing the Diaper In

It is on you to choose between a pail with a removable lid or a lid that can lift itself. Often you will find yourself opting for a top that can lift, either by hand or with a hands-free pedal, for you to dump the diaper in. 

You also may find yourself squeezing the diaper in the baby diaper pail either to compress it or for the sake of the seal’s function to work correctly. 

  • Mechanism of Taking the Diaper Out

You will have to empty the diaper pail at least two to four times a week. So, make sure you are comfortable with the way the pail stores the diapers, and the process of removing the old diapers and washing or replacing the liner is convenient enough for you. 

There are diaper pails that enable an opening space either from the front or the side to remove the old diapers. This happens by releasing the full detachable part of the liner and tying together the remaining end to produce a new liner bag. 

Although many baby diaper pails come in a built-in cutter to make the process easy for you, some pails require you to lift the full liner bag out of the opening. So, be mindful not to overfill the pail with diapers.   


Baby diaper pail comes in handy for the various benefits it provides. Think of all the topics and sub-topics we have covered. We strive to serve you with invaluable information you not only want to read but need as well. We hope this article was helpful and convinced you to buy the best diaper pail for your convenience.