As a mother, nothing is more important for me than the safety of my baby. While making the house babyproof, one of the most important errands on my list was to find the best baby gates for my little one. A baby gate is used to section out rooms and spaces preventing toddlers from getting into dangerous places such as kitchens or staircases.

As per recent statistics, nearly three million children on average face an accidental injury within the household each year by wandering into areas that are not suitable for them. This includes accidents such as falls, poisoning, steam, or burns. (Source)

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Often the need for a gate arises when a toddler turns six months of age when their sensory-motor skills are developing and they are ready to explore the environment around them. If your baby is an early explorer, you may have to look for a baby fence earlier than expected.

The need for barriers tends to get lesser since they get smart enough to open and close the gates on their own. On average, parents tend to dispose of their baby safety gates when their children reach two years of age. However, you are the best judge when it’s safe to remove these gates from your home.

ImageModelFeaturesLatest Price
Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Baby Gate
  • Material: Metal
  • Gate Width: 29” – 39”
  • Gate Height: 30”
Check Price
Summer Infant Multi-Use Walk-Thru Gate
  • Material: Metal
  • Gate Width: 28” – 48”
  • Gate Height: 36”
Check Price
Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate
  • Material: Fabric
  • Gate Width: 38” – 60”
  • Gate Height: 27”
Check Price
Safety 1st Natural Bamboo Gate
  • Material: Wood
  • Gate Width: 28” – 48”
  • Gate Height: 36”
Check Price
North States Supergate
  • Material: Plastic
  • Gate Width: 26” – 42”
  • Gate Height: 26”
Check Price
Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Gate
  • Material: Metal
  • Gate Width: 29” – 42”
  • Gate Height: 30”
Check Price
Toddleroo by North States Superyard Baby Gate
  • Material: Steel
  • Gate Width: 151”
  • Gate Height: 30”
Check Price
Regalo Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate
  • Material: Metal
  • Gate Width: 192”
  • Gate Height: 28”
Check Price

Top 8 Best Baby Gates Review in 2020

1. Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Baby Gate

This safety gate by Regalo is the best selling gate on Check Price . With its walk-through design, durability, affordability, and safety latch, no baby safety gate comes closer to it when it comes to convenience and reliability.

What We Liked
  • This baby safety gate is the best seller on Check Price
  • The walkthrough design makes it easier for parents to move around
  • Safety lock to ensure added protection of your toddler
What We Didn't Like
  • This gate is not suitable for uneven surfaces like staircases
  • It is not a pet-friendly baby gate
  • Parents or caretakers have to manually close the gates every time

2. Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall

You will need a baby safety gate from the moment your toddler starts creeping and crawling. There are options in the gate or fencing market to keep your home from looking like a baby’s jailhouse. This baby gates will not only keep your baby safe but add value to your home décor.

It has an impressive metal finish and comes with an art deco design. All in all, you will get the best of both worlds – ensuring the safety of your child and maintaining the look of your home.

What We Liked
  • The child gate is popular due to its extended reach.
  • It is a stylish child safety gate that will allow you to make your home look attractive.
  • Dual locking systems add more safety.
  • It is a walk through gate that can be hard mounted for added stability
What We Didn't Like
  • This toddler gate price is high.

3. Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate

Despite knowing the fact that a toddler safety gate is the best solution to keep your child accessing unsupervised rooms or the staircase, many parents are afraid of utilizing it. The primary reason is that these safety measures sometimes can be a hazard themselves.

For instance, a gate made of harsh metal may injure your toddler instead of protecting them. In such a situation, Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate works best. As the name suggests, the toddler safety gate is manufactured using soft material and mesh to ensure safety and security of your baby. Being a pressure-mounted gate, you can easily secure it to any doorway allowing you to move it from one room to another.

What We Liked
  • The gate is prepared using soft material – i.e. fabric and mesh
  • It is highly affordable
  • As it is made of fabric, the Soft and Wide gate is washable allowing you to maintain its impressive look.
  • It is a portable baby gate
What We Didn't Like
  • It is a pressure-mounted gate which means you cannot use it on staircases
  • The toddler gate is not pet-friendly
  • It is not a walk through gate. You will have to hop over the barrier to get inside the desired space

4. Safety 1st Natural Bamboo Gate

Keeping the traditional design of baby safety gates in mind, this baby gate is simple, safe, and reliable to use. You can easily pressure mount the gate within the door jams to secure your baby in a safe environment. This company has utilized renewable materials to ensure a high-quality child gate at an affordable price.

What We Liked
  • You cannot find a more affordable child safety gate to keep your child safe
  • The gate is portable and you can easily move it from one room to another
  • Made using renewable materials, the gate is eco-friendly
  • It is as simple as it can get to set up the baby gate
What We Didn't Like
  • The gate cannot be used to secure staircases and other uneven surfaces
  • It is neither pet-friendly nor a walk through gate
  • The gate’s height is 24” which is not high enough

5. North States Supergate

If you are a mother who is not looking for a fancy baby safety gate, then this is the best solution available in the market. With its traditional plain design and straight bars, the gate will keep your child safe from accessing dangerous places while ensuring that the design does not detract your home’s style. The self-locking and swinging mechanism are the reasons this toddler gate is ranked higher.

What We Liked
  • EVA inner lining
  • Zippered closure
  • Reflective heel
  • Lightweight and waterproof construction
  • Traction rubber on the sole
  • Warm and sturdy
What We Didn't Like
  • This baby gate is not pet-friendly due to its traditional design

6. Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Gate

When it comes to securing the staircase to keep your baby from wandering up and down the stairs, not all gates are deemed safe enough to be used on uneven surfaces.

However, Evenflo made the most of this opportunity and launched its one of a kind product. The gate is specifically made to be used at the stair top. This baby gate also comes with a bonus feature such as a swinging capability with an additional safety option of a stopper.

What We Liked
  • You can set the gate to swing in your preferred direction
  • There is a locking latch which works as a childproof lock
  • It is a walk through gate
  • A hard-mounted gate which comes with self-locking mechanism
What We Didn't Like
  • As it serves a special purpose, the toddler gate is slightly more expensive than its counterparts
  • This gate is not pet-friendly

7. Superyard 3-in-1 Arched Baby Gate by North States

The North States Superyard 3-in-1 Arched Baby Gates is super sturdy due to its arched design. This gate can be used to either make a fenced in playpen or spread across a large opening in your home. Regardless, the unique design allows parents to easily mold it as per their needs

What We Liked
  • Its unique design gives more options to parents than other gates in the market
  • Parents can use this indoors and outdoors
  • It comes with a swinging gate allowing parents to walk through it
  • The gate is expandable
  • You have the option to hardware mount it for added safety
What We Didn't Like
  • Its price is very high.

8. Regalo Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate

As the name suggests, Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate creates an ultimate playroom for your baby. What’s better than giving your toddler maximum space while ensuring their safety at all times.

What We Liked
  • The gate covers up 19 square feet of space giving toddler maximum room to play and wander around
  • It comes with detachable panels and removable pieces for portability
  • It’s a foldable child gate
What We Didn't Like
  • It is not pet-friendly
  • As it follows an accordion style, there is no type of mounting involved

Final Thoughts

A baby gate is anything but child’s play. The first time I went shopping for a gate, I was overwhelmed to discover the different types of gates available in the market. All the gates had their fair share of pros and cons. Therefore, when you plan to make a purchase, there are different factors that you need to take into consideration. Primarily, a baby gate comes in metal, plastic, and wood which is readily chosen by most parents.

However, other materials are also popular. While selecting a toddler safety gate, take the place where you wish to install into consideration. This will assist you in selecting the right mounting style. For instance, for uneven surfaces like staircases, a wall-mounted gate is the right choice. Similarly, for flat surfaces, having a pressure-mounted gate is a viable option since it is easier to remove.

So, as a mother of an extremely rambunctious eight-month-old explorer, I prepared the above list of best baby gates. By doing hands-on experiments on more than two dozen gates, I have finally managed to get hold of the best toddler gates. I took different factors into consideration like if the baby gate would be installed within the doorway or staircase, the durability of the material, flexibility, sturdiness, and ease of use to suffice all situations.