Buying separate cribs for your twins is a better option than buying a single one because as soon as your kids start to move, there is a higher chance of them harming themselves and each other. Additionally, sleeping in a single crib might not be as comfortable as sleeping in different cribs, and enjoying the freedom to move around on crib mattresses.

While this might not be the most economical and budget-friendly option, there are a few other options that can accommodate you adequately, such as cribs designed mainly for twins. These twin cribs have enough room to support both children without disturbing either one of them. 

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Furthermore, some families prefer bassinets over cribs, and they end up purchasing twin bassinets. There is nothing wrong with using bassinets but know that they will only support your children for the first few months, and eventually, your kids will outgrow them. Then, you will have to purchase mini-cribs and later toddler beds. 

When it comes to choosing the right type of cribs, the decision depends on a few factors. There are different reviews about different types of cribs, but it ultimately comes to your personal preferences and requirements. Furthermore, you can ask yourself a few questions before you decide to go for any crib type, such as:

  • Do your babies like sleeping next to each other and do they sleep peacefully? Or do they keep disturbing each other, and lie awake all night?
  • How big is your bedroom or nursery? Does it have room for two cribs or a single crib only?
  • Which type of crib is budget-friendly and has all the features that meet your needs?
  • Do you want something for long term use? Or can you afford to repurchase cribs/beds once your kids outgrow these cribs?
Now that you have gathered all the information, you can make a well-informed decision and choose a safe and comfortable crib(s) for your twins.

What are my options?

Each type of crib has its advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose the one that meets your requirements. Let’s have a look at some significant types of cribs and discover how they benefit you.


Pack-n-plays can be used for more than just sleeping or resting. They come with sturdy frames and mesh sides that allow for maximum ventilation and encourage children playtime. These two-in-one cribs benefit you in more than one way, and they are entirely safe for everyday sleeping.  Furthermore, most pack-n-plays come with dividers that create two sections inside a crib and enable your children to sleep more comfortably in their own space.

Pack-n-plays are an excellent option if you have limited space, and you want your kids to sleep in your room. Additionally, it saves you from purchasing two cribs while offering almost the same benefits as traditional cribs, such as safety, comfort, ventilation, and designated space for the kids.

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Now that the world has become more advanced, things have evolved too, including bassinets. Bassinets are supportive because they come in various sizes and shapes, and they allow you to choose your favorite one from a wide range of models. These cribs are small and round and occupy very little space in your room; therefore, ideal for families with small bedrooms. Additionally, bassinets feature short safety rails for the security of your kids, but they are only good for the first few months.  

Despite all its advantages, a bassinet has a minimal lifespan, which makes it seem like an ordinary option. Furthermore, bassinets can assist your children only for four to six months, which means you will have to spend money again when your kids outgrow their bassinets. 

Portable cribs

As the name indicates, portable cribs are ideal for families who travel a lot. Portable cribs and mini cribs look similar in size, but the difference is that you can take a portable crib with you on the go. Furthermore, these cribs are lightweight and convenient to carry, which allows you to put them anywhere you want. Additionally, portable cribs provide ultimate flexibility, especially during the early months of children. 

Mini cribs

Mini cribs are the same size as portable cribs, but they are bigger than bassinets. These cribs are made from miniature wood, unlike bassinets, and their construction makes them sturdier. Furthermore, these cribs feature wheels, which makes it easy to move them around the house. Additionally, they accommodate children for about two to three years or when your kids start climbing rails and are ready for toddler beds.

Traditional cribs

Traditional cribs are what you think of when you first hear the word ‘crib.’ These are full-size cribs and look like rectangular, wooden boxes, with space in the middle to fir in the mattress. Furthermore, these cribs are incredibly sturdy and can accommodate your children for several years. Additionally, a lot of traditional cribs come with conversion kits that enable you to convert them into toddler beds when your kids outgrow the cribs, and eventually into full-size beds.

These cribs are also available in several models, such as:

Twin privacy cribs

These cribs use dividers to create two sections in a single crib, which encourages independent and comfortable sleep because each child sleeps in his/her own panel. Furthermore, if you remove the divider, you can use the crib for a single child, as well. 

Two-level cribs

Two-level cribs are two cribs where one crib is placed on top of another, like bunker beds. These cribs are suitable for small bedrooms because they occupy the same space as single-cribs.

Convertible cribs

These cribs are the most economical type of cribs because purchasing them can be a long term investment. You can convert these cribs into toddler beds as well as full-size beds. 

Lastly, finding the perfect crib for twins can be a little tricky, and you have to consider a lot of things, but once you have purchased the crib, it will benefit you for a long time. We hope this guide helps you in making the right decision and investing in a crib that keeps your children safe, comfortable, and happy. Happy shopping!

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