Perambulators (early strollers), which are commonly known as prams, were first introduced in Britain during the mid-1800s. After Queen Victoria purchased three such carriages, all mothers in English made prams a must-have item all over Britain. Modern-day strollers were first designed and manufactured by Benjamin Potter Crandall.

However, the designed didn’t get much appreciation and was considered a luxury, only suitable for the elite. Later, his son came up with some upgrade ideas and added a brake, folding feature, and some other accessories. Choosing the right convertible stroller is a very important parental decision. When purchasing a safe convertible stroller, you must consider several factors that ensure your baby’s comfort and safety.

Furthermore, a convertible stroller is durable and can last for extended periods to accommodate multiple children. Additionally, the versatility of these strollers enables them to be used in several conditions. You can attach a bassinet to your stroller to assist your toddler and infant at the same time.

How to Choose the Right Convertible Stroller?

To choose the right convertible stroller, you have to consider a few factors. Furthermore, your personal preferences also play a vital role in deciding which stroller meets your needs. Let’s have a look at some significant features of convertible strollers to discover which stroller suits you the best.


First and the foremost feature of a convertible stroller should be its certification. Check and see if that stroller consists of a sticker that shows its Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification. Furthermore, you can also visit the website of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association to check which stroller brands have their certifications. This JPMA certification ensures that the features of the stroller, such as brakes, locking mechanism, and safety, were carefully tested and allowed for public use.


The frames of convertible strollers are usually heavy because they can hold up to 90-100 pounds of weight. Therefore, this weight limit is what makes the stroller’s frame a little bulky. So, look for something that isn’t very heavy, yet incredibly sturdy and robust. 

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Most convertible strollers come with wheels with rubber covering. The rubber covering makes them shock-resistant, which provides a smooth and stable ride. Furthermore, wheels that are large and air-filled are suitable for long walks and bumpy grounds. However, if you need a stroller for city use, look for smaller wheels. Additionally, the swivel function in front wheels of a stroller gives you more control and ensures easy maneuverability. In addition to that, wheels with locks provide a more stable ride.


Brakes are an essential feature that plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of your child. A convertible stroller should have brakes that lock simultaneously. Furthermore, as soon as you activate the brakes, the stroller should become immobile. Additionally, some strollers feature hand brakes, whereas some come with foot brakes. You can go for the ones that you find more convenient to use; it’s a matter of personal preference.


The seat of the stroller should be incredibly comfortable. Make sure that the stroller seat is thickly padded so that your child doesn’t feel uncomfortable during the ride. Furthermore, you can also get a neck pillow for your child to provide him a little extra comfort. 


Almost all convertible strollers come with seats that have a recline feature. This feature allows your child to enjoy the ride in a more relaxed way. Additionally, you can recline the stroller seat when your child gets sleepy. Most convertible strollers have different levels of recline, and you can choose any level that you and your kid prefer.

Reversible Seat:

Some models of convertible strollers offer a feature of reversible seats. This feature enables you to change the direction of the stroller seat if you want your child to face you instead of the road. Additionally, if your child doesn’t like crowds, you can reverse his seat so that he only sees you and doesn’t get upset. However, children with curious nature prefer to enjoy the view around them will full excitement.


A canopy is another vital feature that shields your child from direct sunlight. All strollers come with canopies to offer shade and protection from the sun. Additionally, these canopies are foldable, so your baby can enjoy the weather if it’s not too sunny. Furthermore, make sure that the canopy has an SPF to provide ultimate sun protection to your child.

Direct sunlight and UV rays can be extremely harmful to your child. According to research, children who suffer even from a single severe sunburn have twice the chance of developing skin cancer. After some days, the child apparently recovers, but the damage to his skin lasts forever. Additionally, 60-80% of sun exposure occurs during the childhood of every person. Therefore, it is crucial to protect children from exposure to UV rays and direct sunlight. 

Adjustable Handlebar:

An adjustable handlebar provides easy maneuverability to people with different heights. You can adjust the height of the handlebar to push the stroller more conveniently.


Almost all convertible strollers offer adequate room for storage where you can keep all your essentials. Furthermore, it allows you to take the diaper bag, water, snacks, and other essential items with you on the go. Additionally, some strollers come with storage baskets under the seat where you can keep bigger items.

In addition to that, some stroller seats also feature storage pockets on their backs so that you can keep your keys, phone, and other small items close by. Another benefit of a storage basket is that it saves you from hanging your belongings on the handlebar. The weight of these items can cause the stroller to tip over, which can be a massive safety risk.

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Safety Harness:

A safety harness on the stroller seat ensures that your child enjoys a safe stroll. There are two types of safety harnesses: three-point harness, and five-point harness. You can go for any harness that meets your requirements. However, a five-point harness is recommended for ultimate security. It secures your child from his shoulders, belly, and legs. Additionally, it helps him keep his balance if you go off-road.

One-Hand Setup Mechanism:

Try to go for the stroller that has a smooth, one-hand setup mechanism; this will be an excellent feature and help you in a lot of situations. For instance, if you’re holding your baby in one hand, then you only have one spare hand to open the stroller. This feature makes everything way more convenient and easy.

You should always consider these features before investing in a stroller. Make sure that you take your budget into account as well before making a decision.

Compare All Convertible Strollers

In the market for a convertible stroller? Check out this guide comparing the features of some of the best ones in our opinion.

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