Did you just receive the news that you are expecting twins, and now you are excited but a little freaked out? You must be wondering a lot of things right now, and we are here to help you figure a few things out. Cribs are an essential part of a child’s early life and choosing the right crib for your little bundles of joy is crucial for their comfort, safety, and happiness. Furthermore, cribs are one of the more expensive items of baby gear; therefore, it requires a lot of consideration of your needs and a crib’s features. 

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Parenting a child is a roller coaster of emotions and experiences, whereas parenting twins is double the work and the excitement. Furthermore, most parents can only imagine traditional cribs when they talk about cribs. These cribs are wooden and look like a rectangular box that fits a mattress in the center.

However, there are a lot of options available in the market today that offer various features and benefits. Additionally, other than your budget, there are a lot of factors that you have to consider before purchasing a twin crib for your twins, including your personal preferences and your lifestyle. 

Which features to look for in a crib for twins?

Cribs usually cost a lot, and this is why you need to make a well-thought decision before you purchase a crib for your twins. Furthermore, a crib is an investment that will benefit your kids for a long time. Therefore, make sure that the crib you are about to purchase is safe, comfortable, complements the decor of your bedroom (that’s optional), and has all the budget-friendly features that meet your requirements.

Additionally, there is one more thing that you have to be aware of, and that is buying second-hand cribs. It may sound like a bargain, but safety standards change every day, and you don’t want something for your kids that is not entirely safe. Also, you can go through the latest safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Center (CPSC) to make an informed decision before purchasing the right crib for your twins.

Here are some features that you should look for in a crib before making a purchase:

Safety features

Almost all crib manufacturers comply with the safety standards for cribs set by the CPSC. Also, cribs that have drop sides are a big no because they are a safety hazard. Drop sides may become loose over time, which increases the risk of kids getting stuck. Additionally, if a crib has slats, they shouldn’t be too wide for the kids’ arms, legs, or even their heads to get stuck. Furthermore, bumpers and other padding accessories on cribs are also a safety hazard for children, and they can cause suffocation, which is a significant cause of SIDS

A safety feature that you can add to the crib is teething rails, which are smooth, plastic panels that go on top of the crib rail to cover them. Hence, when your kids begin teething and want to chew or gnaw on things, teething rails will protect the crib rails. Additionally, teething rails should be crack-resistant and manufactured from non-toxic and BPA-free material.

Lastly, check for labels to make sure that the crib complies with all the safety standards. 


Make sure that the crib you are about to purchase doesn’t shake or jiggle when you slightly push it. Furthermore, if the crib wobbles, it means that the frame placement and adjustment is faulty, or the frame material is not safe for use and will eventually break. Therefore, the stability of a crib is necessary for its safety and the safety of your kids. 

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Additionally, some cribs feature two metal stabilizer rods under the crib that are attached at both ends. These rods ensure that the crib doesn’t shake and stays stable. Also, some cribs come with locking wheels that also add to the stability of a crib.

Crib material

The material of a crib should be free from toxic chemicals, such as PVC and latex. Your kids are likely to gnaw on the bed rails when they begin teething, and this is why a crib should be manufactured from safe materials. Furthermore, the paint and the finish should be non-toxic, lead-free, and child-safe. Additionally, while purchasing a crib, make sure that it doesn’t have exposed nails, rough or sharp edges, wood splinters, peeling paint, or any other safety hazards that can harm your children. 

Frame and mattress

The mattress should fit in the crib in a way that doesn’t leave any space between the frame and the mattress. Children can get trapped or fall into the smallest of gaps; they get their body parts stuck, and, in some cases, suffocate due to this slight carelessness. 

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Additionally, try to squeeze two fingers between the mattress and the frame, if you succeed, the mattress is too loose for the frame, and hence, unsafe for your children. Furthermore, the mattress should be firm and dense and not too soft. Pillows, blankets, or even a soft mattress can suffocate your kid and cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Also, make sure that you remove and destroy all the plastic wrapping that the crib was packed in; it can be a cause of strangulation and suffocation.


Cribs are expensive and if you are going to invest a large amount of your budget in purchasing the right crib, why not go for the one that can benefit you for years and years to come. Convertibility is a feature that a lot of cribs offer, and it allows you to use a crib as a toddler bed when your kid outgrows the crib. Furthermore, you can also convert toddler beds into full-size beds for children. A crib with this feature will cost you a good amount of money, but it seems like a fair investment.

To convert a crib into a toddler bed, you only have to remove a few parts, such as side rails, and add a few pieces, such as short rails or bumpers. Furthermore, this feature will also benefit your kids because now they don’t have to part ways with their favorite cribs. Additionally, sometimes, you have to purchase some additional parts to convert a crib into a toddler bed separately. These parts can include bed rails, headboards, and a bigger mattress that is the same size as the toddler bed.

Compare The Best Cribs For Twins

In the market for a crib for your twins? Check out this guide comparing the features of some of the best ones in our opinion.

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