If you have your second kid on the way and your first one is about three to five years old, a sit and stand stroller is what you need. Sit and stand strollers can accommodate two children at the same time.So, you may have to know how to choose the right sit and stand stroller. Furthermore, they enable older children to enjoy their freedom as they hop on and off the stroller whenever they want.

What is a sit and stand stroller anyway? A sit and stand stroller is a more convenient and handy alternative to a double stroller if you have kids that have an age gap of three to five years. However, for twins or kids that don’t have a significant age gap, a double stroller might be the right option.

Sit and stand strollers have several benefits, and one of those benefits is how they accommodate your super-energetic toddlers. Additionally, as kids start growing up, they become more excited and curious about everything around them; this is where a sit and stand stroller helps them enjoy to the fullest.

Before purchasing a sit and stand stroller, make sure that you know what features to consider to make the right choice. Let’s have a look at the features of sit and stand strollers to discover which features fulfill your needs.

Features of a sit and stand stroller that you need to consider

Here are some highlights of sit and stand strollers that’ll help you in making a decision. Consider the features that matter to you the most and are budget-friendly. 

Capacity limit

Check out the weight limit of both seats of a stroller and choose the one that will support the weight of your children adequately. Since toddlers don’t grow as fast as infants, you have to make sure that the infant seat has a large weight capacity so that it lasts for an extended period. Furthermore, the bench seat of the stroller should also be able to accommodate the toddler for at least two to three years. 


Since a sit and stand stroller is designed to assist two children, its frame is quite more massive than single strollers. However, in comparison to double strollers, sit and stand strollers are incredibly lightweight. Go for the stroller that you think will be easy to lift and store in the trunk of your car. Additionally, it shouldn’t be too big to fit in the car trunk. 


The safety of a stroller is one of the most vital features that every parent considers. Make sure that both seats of the stroller come with seatbelts to secure the children. Furthermore, the regular stroller seat should contain a five-point harness for the security of the infant. On the other hand, bench seats usually come with three-point harnesses. On busy sidewalks, you have to keep your children securely contain in the stroller for their safety; a point harnesses can help you with that.


The comfort of children is essential to every parent. Therefore, make sure that the sit and stroller you’re about to purchase has a comfortable seat that allows for a more enjoyable stroller experience. Additionally, the bench seat of the stroller should also be broad and fully padded so that your older child doesn’t get uncomfortable.


All kinds of strollers offer storage space to store essential items. Similarly, sit and stand strollers also feature a storage compartment that enables you to safely keep your belongings, such as a diaper bag, tissues, wipes, water, keys, phone, etc. Most strollers feature a storage basket under the stroller seat where you can keep bigger items. Also, some strollers include storage pockets behind the stroller seats where you can keep your phone, keys, glasses, etc. 


The canopy of a stroller shields your child from harmful sunlight and UV rays. Some strollers only feature canopy on the front seat, which only offers protection for one child. Therefore, you must choose the stroller that has canopies on both seats and protect both children from the sunlight. Additionally, make sure that the sunshades are made from UV-resistant material and provide SPF protection.


Wheels of a stroller should be sturdy and reliable. Also, tires that have a rubber covering allow for more shock-resistance, and they minimize the blow when the stroller hits a bump or if you’re on rough terrain. Furthermore, strollers that have front swivel wheels are more convenient to maneuver because you can quickly push them or turn them around.


Brakes are another feature that ensures the safety of any stroller. Some strollers come with handbrakes, whereas other feature footbrakes. You can choose the one that you find more convenient to use. Additionally, a brake should be incredibly efficient at its job and should stop the stroller as soon as you activate it. Furthermore, make sure that the brake activation lever isn’t close to the stroller seat, and your child can’t access it. 

Food tray

If your child enjoys snacks during the ride, you need to choose a stroller that features a food tray. Sit and stand strollers also feature food trays where you can keep food, as well as a bottle holder in the dish, allows you to keep a water bottle in it. Furthermore, some sit and stand strollers also feature cup holders on handlebars where the adults can keep their water bottles or coffee cups. This feature is very beneficial if you enjoy eating or sipping coffee during a stroll with your kids. 

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Easy folding and locking mechanism

Before purchasing a sit and stand stroller, make sure that the stroller you choose has an easy folding mechanism. It means that when you have to fold or unfold the stroller, it only requires one hand to the job. Some strollers have a complex folding/unfolding operation, which can be very frustrating. Therefore, go for the stroller that has a one-hand folding/unfolding mechanism, this way, you’ll be able to unfold the stroller even if you’re holding your baby in the other hand.

Furthermore, the stroller should also feature a locking feature, which allows you to lock the stroller when you fold or unfold it. This feature will prevent your sit and stand stroller from accidentally folding and unfolding. Additionally, a lock can also save your children from injuries due to accidental folding of the stroller with the kids in their stroller seats.

Compare All Sit and Stand Strollers

In the market for sit and stand stroller? Check out this guide comparing the features of some of the best ones in our opinion.

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