The use of travel strollers is not limited to traveling; you can also use a travel stroller as an everyday stroller. However, some families choose to use traditional strollers for everything, including traveling; this only makes everything more exhausting. Therefore, you need a lightweight, portable, and handy stroller that can go well on airports, public transportation, fit in your car’s trunk, as well as on narrow city-sidewalks. Furthermore, travel strollers are easily portable and comfortable enough for your little one to spend his time in the stroller peacefully. 

Why you might need to purchase a separate travel stroller is a common question that parents typically ask. Well, if you already have a stroller that is lightweight and suitable for use during travel, then you don’t have to buy a travel stroller separately. However, if you use a bulky, traditional stroller that has all the features, then you might want to buy a compact and lightweight strollers to fulfill your travel needs.

Additionally, travel strollers are significantly lightweight and easy to carry or take away. Your 30-pound traditional stroller might not look as challenging to deal with now, but when you have to carry the same stroller in and out of buses, up and down the stairs of hotels, you would understand why a travel stroller seems more convenient and handy. Furthermore, some travel strollers also go with infant car seats and can work just as well as traditional strollers. 

Questions That You Should Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Travel Stroller

Here Are Some Critical Questions That You Should Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Travel Stroller for Your Child:

  • Do you frequently travel by car? If yes, then go for something with car seat adapters.
  • If you have lifts, stairs, or small doors in or around the place you live, then carefully choose the dimensions and weight of a travel stroller.
  • Do you fly frequently and want to store the stroller in the overhead compartment? Go for something ultra-compact.
  • If you and your partner have a significant height difference, look for a travel stroller that has adjustable handlebars.
  • If you want your child to sleep in the stroller when needed, make sure that it has a reclining feature to provide maximum support to your child.
  • Do you frequently travel by public transportation, such as buses? If yes, choose a stroller that has one-hand folding/unfolding and a quick-collapsing mechanism.
  • If you like bringing your child when you go grocery shopping, a travel stroller with a storage compartment can come in handy, and you can keep your shopping bags in the stroller.

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What Features to Consider in a Travel Stroller

When you go to travel-stroller shopping, you should consider your requirements and personal preferences before making a decision. Fortunately, you wouldn’t have to contemplate as many factors as you would while choosing a regular or traditional stroller; this is because the traveling needs of a child are different than his everyday needs. Here are some features that you should consider before choosing a travel stroller:

Size and Weight:

These two are the most significant features of any travel stroller, because if not, then what’s the point? Travel strollers are designed to be small, compact, and lightweight so that they are easily portable, and you can bring them anywhere conveniently. Furthermore, determine if you want something that is small yet comfortable for your child and has a recline feature for ultimate support. Additionally, it should be lightweight and small, so that you can easily carry it up and down the stairs, and it doesn’t take up too much space in your hotel room during a vacation. 

In addition to that, if you usually fly by air and like keeping your travel stroller in the overhead compartment, you will need an ultra-compact stroller, such as a tri-fold travel stroller. However, if you travel by road, you can go for square-fold travel strollers as well. Furthermore, some airlines have weight limitations, which why it is essential to know all the guidelines and rules beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. Additionally, you can check out the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s tips on the screening of your baby gear.

Folding Mechanism:

A travel stroller that has a one-hand folding mechanism can be a lifesaver, especially if you are traveling without your partner. One-hand folding allows you to quickly fold up the stroller while you can hold your baby in your other hand. Furthermore, if a travel stroller has a carry bag or a strap, it makes things more convenient for you. This way, you can easily carry the stroller around with all your other luggage.

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A storage compartment is another vital feature of any stroller as it allows you to store several items close by. Furthermore, storage baskets are incredibly handy when you want your hands free to deal with other stuff. However, the bigger the storage basket, the bigger the stroller, the choice is yours. Additionally, you can keep your precious items in your backpack and less significant things in the travel stroller’s storage basket, and you’re good to go.


A recline feature in a stroller seat is essential, and it ensures superior comfort for your child. However, travel strollers that have a reclining feature weigh more than the strollers that don’t. Therefore, you can also go for a semi-reclined seat that saves on weight and space. Furthermore, if you don’t want your child napping inside the stroller, you can also choose a stroller with no recline feature as it will be lightweight and more compact.


If you go out a lot and enjoy vacationing with your kids, then make sure that a travel stroller is sturdy and easy to maneuver because you will be spending a lot of time pushing your travel stroller around. Furthermore, a sturdy and robust travel stroller will make sure that it serves you for an extended period, and you don’t have to struggle a lot with its maintenance. Additionally, square-fold and tri-fold travel strollers provide better maneuverability than umbrella strollers.

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Strollers are not very budget-friendly, they are expensive because they pack a lot of handy features in one product. Sometimes, it’s a fair investment if you know what you are looking for. Make sure that the travel stroller you go for has all the features that meet your requirements and is within your budget. Furthermore, if you travel a lot, then purchasing a high-end travel stroller would be worth every penny, and you will benefit from this investment for a long time.

Compare All The Best Travel Strollers

In the market for a travel stroller? Check out this guide comparing the features of some of the best ones in our opinion.

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