The evolution of strollers began during the early 19th century. These early strollers could accommodate multiple children, for instance, twins. Later, another revolutionary invention, by an avionics engineer, of umbrella strollers came to light during the ’60s, and they had foldable aluminum frames.

Furthermore, this invention laid the foundation of modern-day strollers. Today, strollers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Additionally, they can carry a lot more than children, such as essential items for your baby, snacks, water, etc. 

What is a Convertible Stroller?

Convertible strollers, like other types of strollers, provide adequate safety for children. These strollers come with various safety features to ensure a secure ride for your child. Safety is the most vital feature of any vehicle or accessory that you purchase to accommodate your son. Similarly, with convertible strollers, there are several tests performed on them. These tests make sure that they can endure the worst of the situations and still not harm the child. 

Lab-Tested for Ultimate Safety:

All strollers undergo several lab tests to determine which strollers are the safest, easy to use, and highly efficient, etc. During these tests, the testers use each stroller like a parent would to asses all its features and working capacity. Researchers test the brakes, harness, and backrests of each stroller with a simulated weight mirroring that of a child.

Additionally, the folding/unfolding of strollers is also tested the same way the parents would do it. The testers move it in and out of the car to figure out how adequately its folding/unfolding feature performs. Furthermore, the weight and the size of each stroller is also measured for a detailed evaluation. 

Also, the testers test the strollers by pushing them around on different terrain. These strollers go through test rides on S-curves and pavements between cones. Additionally, strollers ride up and down the curbs and over grass, tree roots, and mulch. Furthermore, convertible strollers undergo several safety tests and braking tests to assess their stability and efficiency.

Convertible Stroller Safety Tips:

For the ultimate safety of children, while using a stroller, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) recommends some safety guidelines. Therefore, make sure that you follow these safety precautions before taking your kid out for a stroll. 

  • Make sure that the stroller you purchase is JPMA certified. Such strollers contain certification seals, so look for them.
  • Go for a stroller that has a broad base to prevent the stroller from tipping over. A broad base will keep the stroller stable even when your baby leans over one side of the stroller.
  • Make sure that you strap your child in the seat securely and use a seatbelt.
  • If the stroller has a reclining feature, make sure that it doesn’t tip backward when the seat reclines.
  • Always use the locking feature to lock the stroller as soon as you unfold it. A locking device prevents accidental folding of a stroller when your baby is in it.
  • Use the brakes to keep the stroller in one place when you are stationary. Using brakes will prevent the stroller from sliding away and causing any harm to the child.
  • Make sure that your child’s hands are in a safe place whenever you fold or unfold the stroller. Doing this will save those tiny fingers from pinching or any other injury.

  • Never hang your shopping bags over the handles of a stroller. Additional weight on the wrong place can cause the stroller to tip over. Furthermore, if your stroller has a storage basket or compartment under the seat or over the rear wheels, utilize that.
  • Stay close to your child, and don’t leave him unattended when he is in his stroller.
  • Hot weather can cause damage to your stroller. Therefore, make sure that you don’t leave your stroller in the sun for too long. It can cause plastic and metal to become extremely hot, which can burn your baby when he touches the stroller. Additionally, always check the surface temperature of the stroller before placing your baby in it.
  • If you hang toys from the stroller to entertain your baby, make sure that you fasten them securely. If the toys loosen up, they can injure your child in many ways. Pointy edges or heavyweight of toys can be harmful to a little child.
  • Always use the canopy of your stroller correctly when the sun is out and always use a child approved sunscreen on your little one. Direct exposure to the sun and UV rays can cause severe damage to a child’s skin. Make sure that your stroller’s canopy shields the child entirely from the sun. Furthermore, sun exposure in early life is a crucial contributing factor to developing skin cancer. Childhood sunburns increase the risk of skin cancer in a person’s life.
  • Lastly, return the stroller’s warranty card so that the store can notify you in case of a recall. Furthermore, if you purchase a used stroller, make sure that it hasn’t been recalled.

Important Safety Features of a Stroller

Here are the most vital safety features that you need to look for in a convertible stroller:


A footrest is necessary to keep those little feet safely in one place. A footrest will prevent your baby’s feet from getting stuck or injured.


A safety harness will enable you to strap your child in the seat securely so that he can enjoy the ride. Furthermore, a harness prevents your kid from losing his balance and keeps him firmly fastened to the stroller seat. You can go for a three-point harness or a five-point harness; it’s your choice. However, we would recommend a five-point harness for the ultimate security of your child.

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Make sure that the brakes of the stroller work efficiently and effectively. The right brake will put the stroller in a halt as soon as you activate it. Additionally, you can go for a handbrake or a footbrake; it’s a matter of your personal preference and convenience. Furthermore, some brakes lock two wheels, which provides maximum security. In addition to that, make sure that your child can’t reach the brake release lever, this can be dangerous.


The canopy of a stroller should provide SPF protection to your child from the sun. It will shield your little one from UV rays and the sunlight, which can be extremely harmful to his gentle skin.

Compare All Best Convertible Strollers

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