Looking for something new and innovative for the babies? Well Pack N Play is the new baby item that has arrived in the market. Pack N Play is the product that has multiple usages including that most significant one is that it can help the baby to sleep and play in the safer environment. This Post gives you guidelines as how to set up pack n play for your baby.

It is convenient to the parents in a numbers ways, the Pack N Play helps the parents to give their babies in whichever room they want or wherever they want. Secondly it helps the babies to play within the Pack N Play safely due to the beautiful and fascinating toys that are attached to these innovative baby products.

It has also a number of other advantages as well for instance if  you are going outside like for any picnic then you can also carry Pack N Play with you as well to manage your babies as they are so easy to assemble disassemble.

What is a Baby Pack N Play?   

After giving a brief introduction we will talk about the Pack N Play in more detailed wordings, The Pack ‘n Play is a play yard and sleeper/bassinet.

Pros and cons of Baby Pack N Play: Pack ‘n Play are very innovative and they are great invention in terms of baby products, let’s now talk about a bit about the pros and cons of Pack ‘n Play

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What We Liked
  • easy fold and unfold
  • warranty
  • electronic entertainment center
  • includes full-size bassinet
  • includes changing pad
  • includes newborn seat
  • zippered and removable storage shelves
What We Didn't Like
  • on the expensive side
  • not machine-washable

Although they have lot of advantages including they are very easy to assemble and disassemble as earlier mentioned, lot of Pack n Play comes with the warranties form their manufacturers and other features but along with these advantages there are also some disadvantages as well.

They are often expensive and feels heavy on the pockets of parents as they include a lot of details, it becomes difficult for the parents to buy these due to their higher prices and the other significant disadvantage of Pack n Play is that you must be very prudent that you don’t make them dirty and don’t drop anything on them because in this case it is going to be very difficult for you to wash them as the most of the Pack n Play that are manufactured they are made up of the material that is not machine washable.

How should you choose a Baby Pack n Play? 

Well after discussing the Pack n Play briefly and its pros and cons now we will have a look that how someone should choose Pack n Play that is best for the parents and the babies both.

Following are some guidelines that can be followed while choosing a reasonable Pack n Play:

  • It should be safer for the baby
  • It should not feel too burdened on the parent’s pockets
  • It should be easily folded and unfolded
  • It should be a good entertainer for the babies in the form of toys attached over it
  • Snooze rules for sleeping
  • It should be easily placed at every sort of place
  • It should be made up of comfortable material that comforts the baby in every way

How to Set Up Pack N Play for your baby?

Now after discussing the Baby Pack n Play, it’s time to address the one of the most important question how to setup the Pack n Play for the babies. Lot of the parents who buy Pack n Play for the first time it is always difficult for them to set up this time.

We will discuss the setting up of following 2 Pack n Play, as they have been the top choice of parents over the years:

  1. Graco Pack n Play
  2. Cosco Pack n Play

Setting up Graco Pack n Play:

  • Then, place the bottom side that consists of two legs and two wheels on the floor.
  • Then, you won’t be able to move any parts of the short bars.
  • You may have to stop intermittently and adjust the sides to push down the pull tab further.
  • Now, place the pad in the bottom of the pack ‘n play. Make sure that the corners of the pads with velcro tabs are in the same angles as the slots on the base.
  • Slide the Velcro tabs through the slots in the base and fasten them to the fasteners.

Disassembling Graco Pack n Play:

  • Unhook all the Velcro tabs from the bottom of the pack and play.
  • The pad in the bottom consists of four vertical sections. Repeat this process for the opposite pad and then for the rest of the pads. Now, you will be able to see the red pull tab in the center.
  • Pull the red pull tab as high as you can until the bars at the top of the pack n play fall around its frame, and the bottom reaches the same height as the frame. Now, locate the buttons on the centers of the outer sides of the bars.
  • If the bars do click back into place, you will need to start over.

Setting up Cosco Pack n Play:

  • You can use your other hand to help the rails lock into place until you hear a click sound.

Disassembling Cosco Pack n Play:

  • Remove the hook-and-loop straps on the floorboard and then remove the floorboard. Now, pull up the center lock strap halfway.
  • Slightly pull it up before pushing it down. Repeat the same process with the other long side of the rail.


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