Having a stroller to place your baby in when you go out makes life so much easier for parents especially when you have errands to run such as shopping or going to the bank. The stroller gives you a place where you can lay or sit your baby and have your hands free to do various tasks outside.

With your baby in the stroller, you know he is safe because you can hold the stroller with your hand and actually see your baby. The top sunshade will protect your baby from the sun and while the full rain cover will shield your baby from strong rain and wind.

All strollers have several height adjustments meaning you can use the stroller for several years before your baby fully grows out of it. You can also adjust the seat and recline it whenever your baby falls asleep or just wants to lay back and have his bottle. However, strollers can very quickly get dirty especially during spring and autumn when the weather is very unstable and it often rains.

How To Choose A Stroller That Will Be Easy To Clean?

Choosing a stroller can be a little confusing especially for first-time parents. However, there are some to follow so you will be destined to find the right stroller at a good price that is easy to clean and maintain. Firstly, remember that heavier models tend to be sturdier and more durable thus they will last you longer than cheaper and lighter ones. These strollers have been reported to ride more smoothly even when the terrain has rocks or sand patches.

However, heavier models will be hard to carry up or down a flight of stairs especially if you are alone and without your partner. Many parents decide on buying an all-purpose baby stroller or purchase two different strollers depending on what you are going to need it for. Sadly, this option will not suit everybody because many parents have a very tight budget for buying strollers.

Do You Have Just A Stroller or Car Seat Too?

Nowadays, many baby travel strollers come with a system that is simply known as a “travel carrier”. It includes a stroller seat that can be removed to be used as a baby basket or car seat. If you are planning on buying or have already bought such a stroller then you will have to clean the car seat as well.

But such systems have their benefits too because they allow you to quickly transfer your baby from the stroller to the car without having to pick or wake him up. Moreover, babies up to the age of 5 months will be better off in such seats instead of traditional stroller ones. Furthermore, buying a stroller that has this system will save your finances in the long run because you would not have to buy a car seat separately and mind you, good baby car seats can be very expensive.

Choose Good Wheels To Avoid Cleaning and Repairing Them

Most baby strollers come with either black or white wheels. Mothers who have bought strollers with white wheels have reported regretting that decision right after the first rainy day. So it’s best to go with black wheels to avoid constant cleaning. Wheels are made of rubber that is easily scratched and dented on rocky terrain. Therefore, once dirt gets into the crevices it will be nearly impossible to get them back to their former white glory.

Some cheaper strollers might have plastic wheels that are designed to be used only on paved roads and can be cleaned easier than the rubber ones. However, plastic wheels tend to crack after some time thus rendering the stroller useless. Air-filled tires are the easiest to clean and maintain but they are hard to find and mostly come on luxury strollers only.

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Choosing The Right Material of Stroller

Most strollers are made out of Nylon covering with cotton rubber encased handles as well as safety straps. Nylon is very easy to clean but does get dirty fast and stains can be hard to get to remedy. The safety harness straps tend to become the dirtiest as babies drop and spill food as well as various drinks in the process of riding in the stroller.

How to Clean a Baby Stroller?

1. Remove the fabric:

Regardless of what fabric the stroller is made from, try to completely remove it. Also, try to remove the canopy part,  lumbar, and headrest padding. Some strollers will have an easy fabric removing mechanism. While others will need a little effort as well as a small screwdriver to unhitch the screws.

2. Get all debris out:

You could use a household brush with hard bristles or a hand vacuum to get all the crumbs, hair, dust and other debris out.

3. Pick dried pieces of dirt:

This step is best done with a handheld vacuum that has a flexible nozzle out of plastic. Or the silicone so that you could get into even the tiniest hooks and corners. Don’t forget to vacuum all the pockets, storage spaces and the basket below.or on the side.

4. Wash the canopy:

If your canopy and seat are made out of machine-washable material. Simply toss it into the washing machine and set the cycle on synthetic or delicate. Set on medium heat as the low temperature will not properly clean the canopy. Also, the high temperatures can shrink the canopy.

Do not dry it in the drier and never iron the canopy. Also, if you have a garden or a balcony then just hang it to dry in the wind and under the sun. If the canopy is made out of a material that is not machine washable. Then take your stroller outside and prepare a soapy solution in the bucket.

Soak the canopy completely with a soapy solution using a sponge or lint-free cloth then rub the dirtiest area with a brush. Once you are happy with the result, rinse off the canopy with clean water and let the lightweight stroller completely dry before using it again.

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5. Do not rub foam handlebars:

Handlebars that are made out of foam will easily scratch and scuff hence never rub them. Instead, wipe them as necessary using the same soap solution you used to wash the canopy. Then rinse and wipe dry.

6. Treat stains:

If you notice stains from fruit juice, food or baby formulas do not rush to get your bleach out. Bleach should always be the last cleaning resort especially if you have a brightly colored stroller and canopy.

Instead, take a cup of white vinegar and several tablespoons of baking soda. Rub the soda using an old toothbrush onto the stain and let it sit for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Then, sprinkle the stain with vinegar, the reaction will create fuzzing and bubbling as the vinegar will react with soda. Once that stops, rub again and rinse.

The stain should be gone. If that did not help then you might have to pre-treat the stain again during your next cleaning.

7. Wash the frame:

The frame can be washed the same way as the canopy. Just make sure not to use abrasive brushes. As they will remove and chip the paint or the natural aluminum finish. Some mothers prefer to buff the frame with a lint-free cloth and baby oil after cleaning. This will make it extra shine and will protect it from sticky residues and stains.

However, remember that this will make the frame oily to the touch. Hence it might make sense to buff only parts of the frame that you and your clothes will not come in contact.

8. Clean the wheels:

Clean the wheels under running water until all visible dirt is gone. Take a few squirts of antibacterial soap and rub with a cleaning brush that is hard enough to get the dirt off. But soft enough not to scratch the rubber wheels.

Like with car tires, you could polish them after cleaning so as to give them a shiny and extra presentable look.

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As you can see from this article, cleaning a stroller does not have to be difficult. But this will still be the best if you could choose a stroller with medium color tones and dark wheels. As this will significantly reduce the need to often clean the stroller.

Moreover, control what your child eats and drinks when he is in the strollers. As small children often drop and spill food thus soiling their clothes and the stroller in the process.

Lastly, never use harsh chemicals for cleaning. Because you could ruin the canopy as well as the aluminum finish rendering the stroller ugly and unusable. Instead, just use some good cleaning brushes and good old elbow grease.

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