Hair or no hair, we find all babies equally adorable. However, as a parent, you want your child to have the best of everything like a head full of healthy, shiny hair. Some babies are born with a thick layer of hair on their head, whereas others are shiny bald. It’s all about your family genetics.

According to research, hair loss depends on your genetics, aging, and environmental factors (Source). Nevertheless, baby hair growth is vital, and parents do many things to make it happen faster. Babies start to lose hair when they rub their head against the mattress or as a result of a headbanging habit.

As your baby starts to grow and gets over this habit, the hair loss also goes away. There are different stages of a baby’s hair growth. Let’s take a look at these stages and see how your baby’s hair growth occurs.

Stages of Baby Hair Growth

Primarily, there are two main stages of baby hair growth:

1. Baby Hair Growth in the Womb:

Babies start growing hair when they are inside the womb, but this growth is not constant. When a baby is inside the womb, a lanugo layer starts developing during the 14th week of pregnancy. This layer consists of soft and beautiful hair which begins on the face and then eventually covers the rest of the body of the baby. Hair growth on the baby’s head starts during the 30th week of the pregnancy, and the eyebrows and eyelashes begin to grow around the 32nd week of the pregnancy. The lanugo layer sheds off before the baby is born. 

2. Baby Hair Growth After Birth:

Babies can be born with little or no hair, and it is entirely natural. Hair growth improves after shaving off the newborn’s head, which also makes the hair grow stronger. Even if you don’t shave your baby’s head, his hair will start to fall off soon anyway. It is one of the baby hair growth stages as it allows for new, more mature hair to grow and shine in its place. 

If you are wondering, “How fast does baby hair grow?” Here is your answer. Baby hair growth varies per child, but you can expect it any time after six months of his birth. Babies experience several hair losses and hair re-growth, but it’s all part of the game. As your baby grows up a little, you can start using hair growth products and remedies to make sure that his hair grows strong and healthy. If you notice slow hair growth, then it is time to begin trying hair growth remedies and see if it works for your baby. 

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How to Grow Newborn Baby Hair?

You can try some hair growth remedies to stimulate your baby’s hair growth. Here are a few of them:

1. Baby Hair Growth Oil:

Several oils boost the hair growth process, such as olive oil (use lukewarm), almond oil, or jojoba oil. Massage your baby’s scalp using a hair growth oil. It will help in initiating the circulation of blood and growing your newborn’s hair faster.

Coconut oil is also used to massage the scalp and stimulate baby hair growth. It contains vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, and iron. It makes the hair grow healthy and prevents hair from falling out. Massage your baby’s scalp with coconut oil and wash with a good, baby-friendly shampoo after 30 minutes. 

2. Indian Gooseberry:

Indian gooseberry, also known as Amla, contains vitamin C and is an excellent hair growth remedy. It helps hair grow long and healthy. Mix gooseberry juice with oil and massage your baby’s scalp with it. After some time, wash your baby’s head using a mild shampoo. 

3. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera gel is widely considered as one of many healthy baby hair growth remedies. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, which helps in maintaining the pH of your baby’s hair as well as in preventing hair from falling out. Apply the gel on your baby’s scalp and wash it off after some time using a mild shampoo. 

4. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is the best option to prevent your baby’s scalp and hair from infections. Make sure that you use it mixed with water. Apply the mixture on the scalp and leave it in for five minutes. It will help stimulate your baby’s hair growth and prevent scalp and hair infections.

How to Make Baby Hair Grow Faster Overnight?

There are several ways to stimulate your baby’s hair growth:


Iron is essential for boosting hair growth, preventing breakage of hair strands, and making hair thicker and longer. Make sure that your child’s diet has enough iron in it. Include green leafy vegetables, beans, pumpkin, and more in your kid’s meals. 

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is excellent for skin, and it helps hair growth. This vitamin is also a vital ingredient in many skin and hair care products. 


Almonds are an excellent way to gain essential proteins and amino acids. Make a habit of giving 2-3 almonds to your child every day to increase hair growth. You can also massage your child’s scalp with almond oil to stimulate hair growth. 

Use a S oft Towel:

Using a dry cloth to rub your baby’s head can damage the hair follicles and cause hair fall. Always use a soft cloth and rub your baby’s head lightly to avoid damaging the scalp and hair of your little one.

Wash Regularly:

It is essential to wash your baby’s head every two to three days. It helps keep the scalp clean. Make sure that you use lukewarm water to protect your child from any discomfort.


Gently brushing your little one’s hair can also stimulate baby hair growth. It initiates blood circulation in the scalp and makes the hair grow healthier and stronger. You can also trim the hair from time to time to keep it looking fresh. However, cutting or shaving the hair doesn’t guarantee increased hair growth. It will only give a neater and lusher look to your child’s hair.


If your child has bushy or curly hair, you can use a conditioner to make it look fresher. A child-friendly conditioner will make it easier for you to maintain the hair. Conditioners contain essential nutrients that help remove flakes. Conditioners that have natural ingredients, such as eggs, hibiscus, and yogurt, are a good option. They are not only chemical-free but also work great to make your little one’s hair softer. 


Here Are Some Hair Care Tips:

  • If you tie your child’s hair, make sure that you don’t tie it too tight. It damages the roots and can lead to hair fall.
  • Keep your child hydrated by giving him/her water, fruit, or vegetable juice regularly. 
  • Don’t place your child on his back consistently. It causes the flat head syndrome, which can lead to losing patches of hair. 
  • Keep your child’s cradle cap clean and brush it away regularly to remove those white flakes. 

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How to Grow Baby Hairs on the Forehead?

Here are a few tips on how to grow out baby hairs on hairline:

1. Camphor Oil:

Camphor oil makes the baby hairs grow faster on the forehead and also helps maintain the pH balance of the scalp. It stimulates blood flow, which causes the hair to grow. Take two or three spoons of camphor oil and mix it with the same amount of yogurt. Apply this on your child’s forehead and leave it for an hour. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

2. Spinach Juice:

If you’re wondering how to fix your baby hairs? Here is your answer.

Spinach contains high amounts of omega-three fatty acids, which helps the growth of baby hairs on the forehead. Omega-three fatty acids are essential for hair growth. Extract juice from a few leaves of spinach and apply it on the forehead of your child. Wash it off after two hours.

3. Yogurt Mask:

Yogurt is extremely healthy for the scalp, so use it as a moisturizer. It contains vitamins and fatty acids which boost hair growth on the forehead. Yogurt also prevents hair fall and maintains the scalp’s pH balance. You can apply yogurt with or without mixing it with anything else. If you want to make a mask, use a banana, some honey, and lemon juice with yogurt and apply this mask on the forehead for 30 minutes. Wash it off with mild shampoo. You can use this mask twice a week. 

4. Onion Juice:

Onions contain large amounts of Sulphur that minimizes hair thinning and breakage. They nourish hair follicles and provide essential nutrients to the scalp. Onion juice also prevents hair and scalp infections while stimulating blood circulation and boosts hair growth. Extract some juice from a few onions and apply it on the forehead. Wash it off with mild shampoo after two hours.

5. Black Pepper and Jojoba Oil:

Black pepper is the answer to your question of how to grow baby hair edges? It is rich in minerals that are vital for blood flow. It enhances hair growth by nourishing hair follicles. Mix one-fourth cup of pepper powder with a half cup jojoba oil and store it in an airtight jar for two weeks. After two weeks, dispose of the residue and store the remaining oil. Massage your child’s forehead and scalp with this oil and leave it in for 30 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water and mild shampoo. Apply it twice a week for productive results.

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