Sleep of baby or newborn is very important for the baby himself/herself and equally important for the parents as well. One of the biggest concerns for the parents is that the baby sleeps well, and they are willing to do anything to achieve this purpose.

A lot of baby products have been introduced lately that helps parents to achieve this purpose. Swaddleme is one of them. If you are looking for something that protects your child from the cold and helps him sleep better than you are searching for the right baby product, it is called swaddleme. This post gives much information about how to use swaddleme   


What is swaddleme?

Swaddleme as mentioned early is the infant wrap cloth, which covers the baby completely giving him/her full protection form the cold weather and it also it is made up of smooth and comfortable material helping the baby to sleep better.

It has easy hook and loop closures that made it very easy for the mother to swaddle the baby, further in the article we will discuss step by step how to swaddle the baby by using swaddleme.

Use of swaddleme has been increasing day by day that concerns the parents what exactly are the advantages and disadvantages of using swaddleme. Now we will have a brief look at the pros and cons of using this baby product.


  • Helps to sleep the baby nicely.
  • Protects baby form cold.
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient for parents

There are a lot of advantages annexed with this wonderful baby product but along with this it has also a number of disadvantages as well.


  • Tightening the swaddleme too tight can cause hip problems in the baby
  • Suffocation can also occur if the baby is wrapped inappropriately.
  • Temperature should also be regularly checked.
  • The baby should not be wrapped up by the swaddleme for a long period of time.

Care should be taken for using this baby product as wrapping the baby with swaddleme inappropriately or not by the instructions provided along with this product can disturb the baby in a number of ways.


How to use swaddleme

As earlier mentioned great prudence should be adopted by the parents for using this product, so next in this article we will be discussing the most reliable and safer way to use swaddleme that would comfort the baby in every possible manner.

Following is the step by step procedure for using the swaddleme:

  • Place the swaddleme on the floor and keep its pockets side up.
  • Lay down your baby on the swaddleme straight with chest facing the roof.
  • Put your baby’s feet inside the bottom pocket of the swaddle me and stretch it to his/her chest portion.
  • Now hold the baby’s left arm straight and stretch the right side of swaddleme over its left side.
  • Similarly hold the baby’s right arm straight and stretch the left side of swaddleme over its right side.
  • Now last step involves hooking this side of swaddleme with the other side of the wrap.


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