Who doesn’t enjoy going on a vacation with family? However, when there are kids involved, you need to plan a lot of things beforehand and arrange the right gear for a comfortable trip. If you have toddlers, there are several things you will need for their comfort and safety during your holiday, and a travel stroller is one of them.

Large and regular strollers are not convenient or ideal for use when you are traveling with your kids. You need something that you can use with ease, fold conveniently, and lift without straining your back. Furthermore, most travel strollers can also meet your day to day needs, which makes them more handy and economical. 

Travel strollers are lightweight and compact; therefore, ideal for use when you are traveling. Additionally, most travel strollers are collapsible and fordable, which makes it easier to fir in your car’s trunk as you head out with your family. Furthermore, they also have some features like standard strollers, such as sun canopies, storage baskets, as well as cup holders and tray.

For many parents, travel strollers work just as good as traditional strollers for everyday use and without the bulkiness. Also, some travel strollers are compatible with infant car seats, which makes them even more helpful. Travel strollers are further categorized into various types, and you can choose the one that meets your requirements the best. Let’s discuss in which ways a travel stroller can benefit you.

Types of Travel Strollers

Umbrella Strollers:

These strollers are lightweight and compact. They are small in size and usually inexpensive; however, they don’t come with as many features and are not the most convenient option.

Tri-Fold Strollers:

You can fold tri-fold strollers because they are lightweight and collapsible, and incredibly easy to lift or carry in your car’s trunk. However, they are a little expensive but include a lot of handy features, and you get what you have paid for. 

Square-Fold Strollers:

You can fold square-fold strollers into a square shape, which makes them convenient for portability, but they are heavier than umbrella strollers when folded. Additionally, they come with fantastic features, such as incredibly effortless maneuverability.

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Why Do I Need a Travel Stroller

If you fly out of your town a lot and need something lightweight, small, and compact that you can fit in the overhead storage compartment in a plane, then a lightweight travel stroller is a must-have. You can easily pack and store a lightweight travel stroller into an overhead bin of an airplane.

However, if you frequently travel by road, for instance, in your own car, then the lightweight of a travel stroller is something that you could do without, especially if the stroller has some other incredible features. Additionally, people who travel to Europe a lot shouldn’t worry because most travel strollers can go well on cobblestone, which is a big plus. 

When you are traveling with infants or toddlers, a travel stroller with a full-recline feature can save you from discomfort. Make sure that you get the one that has a full-recline seat because not all strollers come with this feature. Additionally, make sure that the maximum weight capacity of a travel stroller is adequate enough for long-term use so that you don’t have to purchase a new stroller when you go on a vacation again next year.

Furthermore, since travel strollers are not cheap, you have to make sure that you know what you are looking for so that you don’t overpay for an ordinary travel stroller that has nothing special. When you have determined your requirements and your preferences, including your budget, you need to ask yourself a few more questions to be sure about which travel stroller is going to be ‘the one.’ 

Other than the weight, size, folding or collapsing mechanism, and maneuverability of a travel stroller, you should also consider the features that we have listed below.

  • The height of you and your partner so that you can easily maneuver the travel stroller and push it around effortlessly.
  • What’s more relevant to you? The lightweight of a travel stroller or the level of comfort it offers for your baby?
  • How frequently do you travel with your children? If you travel often and prefer a stroller for your child instead of a baby carrier, then a travel stroller is what you need for your ultimate convenience.
  • If you are going to carry a stroller a lot, then go for the one that comes with a carrying case, bag, or a strap.

Tips for Flying With a Stroller

Bringing the stroller with you when you are going on your first vacation with your newborn can be a little confusing and overwhelming. How do you carry it? How do you move it from one place to another? What if you need to use the stroller at the airport? Will it be a part of your baggage or your carry-on? Well, here are some tips that are going to help you on your vacation when you are flying with a stroller.

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Check the Travel Stroller With the Baggage:

Some families pack the travel strollers during the check-in and use a baby carrier during their time at the airport. Also, if you have a big travel stroller, you will have to include t in your baggage. Additionally, for your convenience, you can use a front or back-pack style baby carrier so that your hands remain free to deal with other things.

Check the Travel Stroller at the Gate:

If you want to use your travel stroller until you board the plane, you can always check the travel stroller with the gate agent. The travel stroller will be tagged, and you will receive it outside the airplane when you arrive at your destination. However, if you have a connecting flight after your first flight, then doing this will only consume your time.

Carry the Travel Stroller With You on the Airplane:

Some travel strollers are so small and lightweight that you can conveniently pack them in their carry-bags and store them in the overhead storage compartment. Doing this will save your time, the hassle of waiting for it to unload or receive it at the baggage claim, and the fear of losing it.

Compare All The Best Travel Strollers

In the market for a travel stroller? Check out this guide comparing the features of some of the best ones in our opinion.

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