Having a baby is a blessing that comes with tons of responsibilities, and it is okay to panic once in a while. But what’s not okay is to compromise on their health and care.

It’s a common recurring concern amongst parents, especially new parents, regarding their baby’s milk feeding; what method to use? When to give milk? Is formula milk okay? When to stop feeding a baby in a bottle? So on and so forth.

First and foremost, all parents of newborn babies should know that providing milk to the baby should be the utmost priority irrespective of the method as it’s an essential need. At the same time, the rest are secondary concerns, and they change over time.

However, there is no denying that breastfeeding is the best source of providing milk because it helps the kid grow, but it helps with their cognitive and emotional development.  That being said, bottle feeding is not at all a bad option; in fact, mother’s milk can be fed through bottles too, and the method has pretty solid advantages that make the lives of parents so much easier.

Though the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests parents start weaning their babies from bottles by the age of 12 months and to complete phase-out bottles by the period of 18 months but till then, adhering to this method is ideal. It is an excellent method to nurture a baby, especially when the parents, especially the mother, are working women. And there are other benefits too, like:

1. Anyone can feed the baby

It is understood that you may not be available every time to feed your baby; therefore, feeding through baby bottles helps the baby get used to it, and in case of you not being there, it does not affect their feeding pattern. In fact, feeding is an important bonding moment; breastfeeding allows mothers to have that bonding time with the baby; bottle-feeding provides opportunities to fathers and other relatives to spend some time with the baby. 

2. It can be done in public

Though there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public as it’s a natural process. However, on certain occasions, it might not be an ideal method to go with. So for those who are not comfortable breastfeeding their babies in public or those who can’t do it due to some issue, bottle feeding is their savior in these times. 

3. Easy to track milk intake

One thing that lacks with breastfeeding is that you cannot determine how much your baby is taking the milk. The more, the merrier does not apply here and can cause issues later on. However, it’s convenient for parents, especially fathers, to know how much milk the baby has consumed and maintains a balanced intake with bottle feeding. 

4. A Savior during low breast milk supply 

It is common for mothers to have a fluctuating milk flow, and it is okay. In those situations, bottle feeding can save the day for the mother and the baby. In fact, at times after birth, mothers are too feeble to feed their newborns. Therefore bottle feeding in an ideal alternative. 

Some may counter the advantages and state that bottle-feeding jeopardizes mother-baby bonding or can impact the baby’s immune system. With bonding, hundreds and thousands of alternatives can be adopted, which are far better and effective while for the immune system. As mentioned prior, bottle feeding doesn’t necessarily need to be formula feeding; breast milk can be pumped and stored for bottle feeding.

Last and certainly not the least, what’s something that most parents are unaware of is that there are different types of baby bottles on the market for different purposes, and not every kind is ideal for you and your baby. For example:


Now, let us have a look at the baby bottle types that are a must-have for the sake of your and your child’s comfort.

1. Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle

One of the popular brands of baby bottles, the reason for their popularity is that they have a wide range in their line, but their bottles are designed in a breast-like shape, making it easier for baby to transition. These bottles come in various sizes and have a wide neck for ease in cleaning. In fact, they are clinically proven to reduce colic in babies. The bottles are also compatible with the breast pump connection for easy transfer. 


2. Chicco Baby Bottle and Glass

Another broad range bottle line is Chicco, which is made in various materials ranging from plastic to glass bottles. Their bottles are angled in design, making the feeding process more comfortable for the baby and the feeder. They also have their own fitted anti-colic latex teats and have a well-grabbed design to improve the baby’s motor skills. With an opening at the top and bottom, they make cleaning so much easier and fast.


3. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle

Tommy Tippee tries to mimic the breast movement with wide neck bottles and provides a more natural feeding experience with the teats and its shape. The teats of the bottle are made up of silicon to imitate the feel of a breast. They are easy to clean and hold too. 


4. NUK Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottle Newborn Gift Set

Nuk bottles come in a wide range of designs and capacities. They come with an orthodontic teat in their bottles that are shaped as a female nipple to provide an extra-wide lip rest. These bottles have an anti-colic air system and have a wide range for liquid capacity and choice of latex.


As the article comes to an end, we like to wish you all the best for the parenthood and advice that to fully enjoy the baby journey, especially to have a smoother feeding phase, make sure that you keep an eye on a couple of things. 

Firstly, choose a perfect feeding bottle that fits your baby’s need, never forget to sterilize it. Secondly, do not overfeed your baby, always have a 2-3 hours gap in between the feeding session, make the comfort level the top priority, and, lastly, and most importantly, cherish the moment entirely and have a great bonding session.