Travel strollers are one of the handiest items of baby gear when you are traveling with your child. Furthermore, travel strollers are easy to use and offer maximum comfort for your little one on the go. After you have chosen a safe, comfortable, and budget-friendly stroller, you can use your brand-new travel stroller for your kid when you are going on a vacation.

Additionally, a travel stroller offers your child everything that he is going to need when you are away from home. However, most travel strollers are not designed to replace your regular, traditional strollers, and they are only suitable for use during travel because they are small, lightweight, and easily portable.

Since you are going to be using a travel stroller daily when you are traveling or on vacation, you must find a stroller that will keep your child comfortable and safe. Furthermore, using a travel stroller is not so much different from using a regular stroller. You have to take the same safety precautions and make sure that your travel stroller is convenient to use. Let’s have a look at some safety tips that you should follow before you strap your child in the stroller seat.

Safety Tips for a Safe Stroller Ride

To keep your baby safe on a stroller ride, you have to make sure that you are following the safety guidelines that the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) suggests. 

  • Make sure that you securely strap your baby in the stroller seat using its seat belt or the 5-point safety harness.
  • Go for a travel stroller that has a broad base so that it is wide enough to prevent the stroller from tipping over in case your baby leans over one side.
  • If the travel stroller features a reclining seat, make sure the weight of the baby doesn’t tip the stroller backward when your baby is in the stroller seat.
  • Never hang your shopping backs or other items over the handles of your travel strollers. Furthermore, most travel strollers come with storage baskets under the stroller seat or over the rear wheels, which you can use to keep your belongings safely.
  • When you are buying your travel stroller, look for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification seal. This way, you will know that you are purchasing a safe and certified product.
  • Always use the locking device of a travel stroller so that it doesn’t fold accidentally when your child is in the stroller seat. Make sure that you hear the clicking sound when you are locking your stroller for a successful locking operation. Additionally, when you are stationary and not going anywhere, make sure to activate the brakes so that the travel stroller doesn’t slip away from you; for instance, when you are on a steep road, it is vital to use brakes as soon as you stop moving.
  • Keep your child away from the travel stroller, especially his hands, when you are about to fold or unfold your stroller; this will prevent him from injuring himself because children are always curious, and a stroller can pinch their tiny fingers.
  • Never leave your child unattended in the travel stroller. You or another adult should stay with the child at all times while he is in the stroller.
  • Make sure that you follow the age, size, and weight guidelines for travel strollers that are suggested by the manufacturers. Furthermore, use travel stroller with care.
  • Lastly, never allow your child to stand up in the travel stroller because this can cause the stroller to tip over and result in an injury.

Safety Features You Need to Consider in a Travel Stroller

Before purchasing a travel stroller for your child, look for some safety factors so that your child can enjoy and safe and secure stroller ride. Let’s discuss some safety features of a travel stroller that you should always consider.

5-Point Harness

A 5-point harness is like a seat belt, only safer. It secures your child from five different positions as it goes over both his shoulders, across his crotch, and both his legs. Furthermore, some travel strollers also come with 3-point harnesses, but a 5-point harness is the better option. 


A canopy on a travel stroller is incredibly vital as it protects your child from the sun and its harmful UV rays. Children have sensitive skin, and the slightest exposure to the sun can give them a sunburn. Furthermore, children that have had a lot of sun exposure are more likely to suffer from skin cancer as they get older. The history of sunburns and the time spent in the sun are two of the significant causes of skin cancer and other skin diseases.

Additionally, make sure that the canopy or the sunshade of the stroller is made from UV-resistant fabric that has SPF to provide ultimate UV protection to your child. Also, some travel strollers feature collapsible sunshades, which enables you to fold the canopy when it’s not too sunny, and this allows your child to enjoy the weather as well.

Weather Pod

Although a weather pod is an additional accessory, it benefits you a lot because it keeps our child warm and dry in cold and rainy weather conditions. Furthermore, weather pods are transparent so that they don’t block the front or side view of your children. Additionally, you will have to purchase a weather pod separately, and you can conveniently install it on the stroller seat or the handlebar. 


The wheels of a travel stroller should be shock-resistant, and for that, they feature a rubber coating. A rubber coating on the stroller wheels makes sure that it absorbs the impact of shock and blows that are caused by bumping into something while you are pushing the stroller. Furthermore, rubber coating on the wheels also prevents the wheel from getting damaged, and it keeps the ride smooth and safe.

Additionally, if you don’t care about a smooth ride, you can also go for all-terrain wheels, which provide more variety and go well on all terrains, from a city sidewalk to a dirt road in a village. However, travel strollers don’t typically come with these wheels, but still, their wheels offer a wide variety of terrains where a stroller can move smoothly.

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