At the age of ten, your baby girl is slowly inching towards the often-tricky tween age. As such, your young girl will often be stuck between staying little and the urge to grow up, which Gift for 10 year old girls makes interests vary wildly.

You may have experienced the daunting task of picking up the appropriate gift for your ten year old lady, but this does not necessarily make it an impossible challenge. Also, at this age, it is worth noting that most girls have their initial show of independence, while trying to bring out their creative side as well.

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Given that your ten year old girl is beginning to experience more complex developmental needs (i.e. both physical and cognitive development) (source). You need to choose an appropriate gift that suits their preferences while helping them enhance their emotional and social skills.

By using this guide, you can be assured of selecting the most unique yet workable gift for your budding ten year old.

ImageModelFeaturesLatest Price
Friends Forever Bracelet Kit Kids Art
  • Age: 10 Years And Above
  • Best for: Developing Social Skills For Young Girls
  • Material: Coloured Embroidery Looms and Beads
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Spirograph Award Winning Deluxe Design Kit
  • Age: 8 Years And Above
  • Best for: Developing Creativity
  • Material: Plastic, Rubber, And Wood
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Ozobot Bit Extra Bot
  • Age: 8 Years And Up
  • Best for: Creativity, Color-Coding
  • Material: Glass And Steel Body
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Stick N’ Style Blinglets
  • Age: 7 – 12 Years
  • Best for: Socializing, Sleepovers
  • Material: Decorated Plastic, Embroidery, And Paper Stickers
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Razor E100 Electric Scooter
  • Age: 8 Years And Above
  • Best for: Outdoor Fun/Riding
  • Material: Steel Frame And Fork, Pneumatic Rubber And Urethane Tires
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Fashion Angels American Crafting Kit
  • Age: 8 – 15 Years
  • Best for: Outdoor Fun/Riding
  • Material: Plastic Pearls, Beads, And Polish
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Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster Pink Deco
  • Age: 8 Years And Above
  • Best for: Indoor And Outdoor Fun
  • Material: Plastic And High-Tensile Nylon
Check Price
Your Décor Color Your Own Water Bottle
  • Age: 6 – 15 Years
  • Best for: Creativity And Social Expressivity
  • Material: BPA-Free Aluminium Water Bottle, Non-Toxic Doodle Markers
Check Price
Creativity for Kids Design Kit for Kids
  • Age: 9 – 12 Years
  • Best for: Creative Learning In Fashion Design For Girls
  • Material: Cotton Embroidery, Lace, Satin, And Other Fabric
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Be Amazing! Toys Big Bag of Science Works
  • Age: 8 – 14 Years
  • Best for: Exploring Kids Scientific Talents
  • Material: Mostly BPA-Free Plastic
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Top 10 Best Gift for 10 Year Old Girls Review In 2020

1. The Friends-4-Ever Bracelet Kit

The Friends-4-Ever Bracelet Kit by ALEX Toys is an intuitive socialization package for young girls that promotes the development of strong friendship bonds through intuitive bracelet design sessions. Ideal for up to 4 ten-year-old girls, this gift is perfect for sleepovers and parties.

The design element comes with do-it-yourself (DIY) elements that makes the whole experience colorful and involving for your daughter and her friends.

The girls can make any basic shape they so wish, including stripes, loops, weave hearts, flowers, and diamonds using the easy-to-follow instruction book. The Friend-4-ever bracelet kit is recommended for 10-year-old girls.

What We Liked
  • The bracelet design set is an intuitive socialization tool for your daughter and her peers, able to make up to 22 Friendship Bracelets.
  • The embroidery looms inspire creativity for your daughter, with up to 8 possible patterns to create.
  • The looms are bright and multicolored, ideal for a ten-year-old.
  • The designing process is made easier with the beading needle, and knitter with the convenient carry case.
What We Didn't Like
  • The gift may not be ideal for a girl who prefers more outdoorsy kind of fun and activities.

2. Deluxe Spirograph Design Set by Kahootz

The Deluxe Spirograph Design Set by Kahootz is a unique and perfect gift for a ten-year-old girl as it cleverly combines mathematical and art principles in a delightful and inspiring manner.This gift is a classic way of creating inspiration and nurturing your daughter’s creative abilities through the creation of a million possible designs.

From basic shapes such as hearts, teardrops, and stars to the more complex hyper-looped spirals, this gift has numerous design elements that your ten-year-old girl will find intuitive.

The newly-designed Spirograph is now compatible with other Spirographs and features a sturdy box for storage, colorful design markers, handy organizer trays, two drawing pads, and a detailed design/instruction guide. The Spirograph is a recommended gift for girls from the age of 9 years and above.

What We Liked
  • The award-winning design kit is highly engaging, ideal for your ten-year-old daughter; it is also compatible with other Spirograph versions.
  • The interlocking mechanisms in the Design Set makes creative learning both fun and engaging.
  • The Spirograph still embodies the features of the original (1965) Spirograph, thus a sure learning tool for your daughter.
  • The Design Set is sturdily and comprehensively designed, ensuring that your 10-year-old does not get bored after just a few designs.
What We Didn't Like
  • The design kit may be a bit complex and it requires a lot of hours of understanding and learning the instructions.
  • For you to buy this Design Set as a gift for your daughter, she must have a liking for drawing, otherwise it may be a waste of money.

3. Ozobot Bit Extra Bot

The Bit-Extra Bot by Ozobot is an intuitive gadget that combines creative skills and fun. This is a technological gadget that can be used for creative designs using color codes on a tablet or a sheet of paper. The Bot makes use of optical sensors to create creative responses that your daughter can learn from.

Further, using this gift, your ten-year-old daughter can explore numerous OzoCode activities and games either via the Ozobot App or online.

If your ten-year-old daughter has a liking for computers and basic programming, this is a great and intuitive gift to further her skills and talent using the more advanced OzoBlockly editor, a platform which is ideal for first-time kids in block-based programming. The bot is ideal for children 8 years and above.

What We Liked
  • Apart from creative learning using color-coding, kids can further enhance their computer skills using the OzoBlockly editor function for basic block-based programming.
  • The Bit-Extra Bot is a teacher-recommended learning tool for the STEM curriculum as well as coding used in more than two thousand schools across the states.
  • The Bot can be programmed to dance, race, and get involved in other indulging activities for ten-year-olds.
  • Kids play can be done in the Ozobot App or online, thus providing your daughter with some flexibility; she can also create her own personalized challenges and games to tackle thus boosting her creativity.
What We Didn't Like
  • The product seems a tad complicated to understand and use.

4. The Stick-n’-Style Blinglets

The Stick-n’-Style Blinglets by the Orb Factory is an ideal jewellery-making set for your ten-year-old daughter. The Stick-n’-Style Blinglets set offers your daughter an opportunity to be creative by designing her own jewellery together with her friends during social events, sleepovers, or even during normal playtime.

The set includes up to 12 ready-to-decorate assorted Blinglets and over 700 sparkly jewellery stickers, making it a perfect gift for a ten-year-old girl who is discovering her ‘girlish’ side. The Blinglets set is ideal for girls between the age of 7 and 12 years.

What We Liked
  • The set is an ideal creativity tool for social gathering to keep your daughter pre-occupied with her peers.
  • The jewellery is easy to assemble and craft, making it intuitive for your daughter(s).
  • The set features enough tools for up to four girls.
  • It is an appropriate gift for a range of ages.
What We Didn't Like
  • The set offers only one creativity option: making Blinglets.
  • It may become boring after several uses, so it needs to be accompanied by other gifts which will cost you money.

5. The E-100 Electric Scooter

The E-100 Electric Scooter by Razor is a perfect gift for your outdoorsy girl who wants to explore more of nature and the outdoors in general. Being electric, it means that it runs quietly with no pollutants for further protection of your immediate environment.

The scooter tops out at 10 mph, an ideal speed to excite your ten-year-old daughter, while preventing accidents. Ideal for kids 8 years and above.

What We Liked
  • The E-100 Electric Scooter has enough battery power for your kid to enjoy for at least 40 minutes. For continued adventuring, you can opt for an extra battery pack.
  • The all-steel fork and frame provides the needed agility and sturdiness for optimal ride safety and comfort.
  • It features and high-torque kickstarting chain-driven motor which ensures that your ten-year-old can start the scooter on their own with no trouble.
  • For easy control, there is a twist-grip acceleration handle as well as a hand-operated braking system.
  • The eight-inch pneumatic front tire and the Urethane rear wheel are designed to provide optimal stability on paved and mildly uneven surfaces, further protecting your daughter.
What We Didn't Like
  • The product requires some assembly, which may not be straightforward for all parents.
  • Even with the safety features included, a lot of training needs to be done, otherwise your daughter may injure herself.

6. The Ultimate Crafting Kit

The Ultimate Crafting Kit by American Girl helps your ten-year-old daughter to become the ultimate jewelry crafter, while improving on her social skills with her peers. The kit comes with all the essential items for creative designs of different kinds of jewelry both for your daughter and her dolls.

The set includes a variety of creative items such as bottles, twine, spools, embroidery floss, cloth pins, elastic cords, and beads; your daughter’s creative imagination is brought to peak levels with the many things she can design using this set. The jewelry design set is ideal for girls between the age of 8 and 15 years.

What We Liked
  • It is an easy-to-use set allowing for very simple to complex designs of baby jewellery.
  • The design kit suits a wide age range (8 – 15 years).
  • It is highly probable for your ten-year-old daughter not to outgrow this design kit; she may also indulge her friends in the creative path.
What We Didn't Like
  • The set only inspires creative design of baby jewelry, thus limiting your daughter’s creativity to a certain extent.

7. The Pink Deco Agent Bow-Blaster

The Pink Deco Agent Bow-Blaster by Nerf Rebelle is an instinctive game maker, making it an ideal gift for your ten-year-old daughter who prefers adventurous games. 

The product features a real bow and fictitious arrows that can fire at targets up to 80 feet away, albeit causing no harm. When your daughter lines-up an arrow for a shot, the electronically-set sight lines allows her to pinpoint her target with high accuracy, making the gift highly involving and exciting.

It can be used both in the indoors and outdoors, allowing also for spy message decoding using the color-coded messages on the arrows. This intuitive gift is ideal for the ages of 8 years and above.

What We Liked
  • The bow is not just fictitious; it features real bow action with an ability to hit targets over 80 feet away.
  • The arrows are safely designed not to inflict any harm on your kid or passers-by.
  • The toy is highly involving and exciting for any ten-year-old girl; the arrows even have messages that your daughter can decipher, making her feel even more invincible.
  • The arrows give a whistling sound as they fly, making them more exciting.
  • It features easy storage as the quiver and decoder can be attached/stored on the bow.
What We Didn't Like
  • The gift may be a bit to pricy for a budget buyer.
  • Despite the safety features, the arrows still pose some danger for your kids when flying around.

8. Color-Your-Own Water Bottle Design Kit

The Color-Your-Own Water Bottle Design Kit by Your Décor is a great avenue for your ten-year-old daughter to enjoy herself with hours of creativity via decorating and coloring their own water bottle in a way that uniquely defines them.

This kit has been designed to foster your daughter’s self esteem via a fun project that directly brings her personal satisfaction. The kit includes a BPA-free aluminum water bottle that has been decorated with icons and fun words just waiting to be colored.

Further, your daughter can choose from the five non-toxic doodle markers to do her unique coloring and add some finishing touches using the 20 sparkling gemstones. The water bottle design kit is recommended kids from 6-15 years.

What We Liked
  • The Color-Your-Own Water Bottle Design Kit intricately incorporates creative design elements with everyday use of your daughter’s water bottle, thus creating something she is proud of.
  • It offers a wide range of age applicability (i.e. from 6 to 15 years); you can be assured that your daughter will not outgrow her personally-designed water bottle for quite some time.
  • The water bottle is BPA-free, and the markers are non-toxic, making them both safe for your daughter.
  • It boosts your daughter’s self esteem using her own unique designs to showcase to her peers.
What We Didn't Like
  • Your daughter may only like this gift if she is into creative design and coloring.

9. Fashion Design and Studio Kit for Kids

The Fashion Design and Studio Kit for Kids is a creative design set for your budding daughter with a taste in fashion and studio design. This kit brings out your daughter’s inner fashion design talents, featuring over 50 pieces for creating unique fashion mixes and pieces.

With this adept fashion designer set for kids, your daughter has the liberty to showcase her unique sense of fashion and style, converting her imaginations into skirts, dresses, among other design elements.

This sewing kit features real-sewing essentials, fabrics, a sketch book, a laced dress mannequin, swatch booklets, ribbons, trims, and other embellishments, making the fashion design element complete for your ten-year-old daughter. The kit is ideal for 10 year old girls .

What We Liked
  • The fashion design set features over 50 pieces of design elements, something that makes your daughter’s design talent a bigger reality.
  • The sketch book and swatch booklet included in the package help your daughter sketch and design what she would like to make, and ultimately sew and stitch her designs to life.
  • The kit also comes with a set of illustrated instructions, making it easier for your ten-year-old to follow.
  • The real sewing kit provides a step further into your daughter’s creativity by bringing her designs to life.
What We Didn't Like
  • The entire design process may be quite long, thus calling for a lot of attention from your ten-year-old daughter, a characteristic that is not always fully developed at this age.
  • Your daughter may feel disappointed if her designs fail to turn up as expected.

10. The Big Bag of Science and 70 Other Activities by Be Amazing Toys

The Big Bag of Science and 70 Other Activities is a kids’ scientific set that will springboard your ten-year-old daughter into the exciting scientific world through a good number of exploratory experiments.

The kit helps your daughter get involved in over 70 science projects, allowing them to explore scientific principles on an educational yet fun perspective. The kit also features safe chemicals as well as key tools to help your budding scientist to have fun with her science.

Some of the main activities included in this kit are creating a tube rainbow, growing jelly crystals, making slime, whipping a quicksand batch, and much more. It is most suitable for kids from 8 to 14 years old.

What We Liked
  • The Big Bag of Science makes use of real scientific tools for the performance of over 70 scientific activities such as fizzing bubbling water, helping your daughter get in touch with educational science.
  • The kit offers a step-by-step multicoloured instruction book with illustrations and photos, making the learning experience more intuitive.
  • The three main areas of science (i.e. Earth, Life, and Physical Science) are covered by the kit in addition to other scientific areas such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Weather, Flight, and Geology, all adequately packaged in one set.
  • The kit bears a strong focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning, thus constituting a big proportion of the areas that educators cover widely.
What We Didn't Like
  • The kit is largely an educational kit, making it more school-based than fun: your daughter may at times opt out of this gift for more fun and social toys and gifts.
  • The multi-tooled set may confuse your ten-year-old daughter if there is inadequate guidance and supervision on the use of the kit.

Things to Consider When You Pick Toys and Gifts for 10 Years Girl

1. Tips in Choosing the Perfect Gift

A perfect gift or toy enhances your child’s growth physically, socially, emotionally, as well as intellectually. Girls at 10 will rather have common interests such as scripting in their diaries or forming social groups for games and other interactive behaviors. They may also show a heightened level of creativity or sportiness. As such, there are some factors/tips that you should always consider before surprising your little girl with a gift.

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2. Her Personality

In general, kids have varying and unique personalities, and so does your ten-year-old girl. These personalities help in defining the kids’ abilities and interests. Some girls at this age may be introverted, while others may be quite extroverted and outgoing. As a parent or guardian, it is your responsibility to understand your growing girl and her personality traits that make her unique and special. With such an understanding, you have a great opportunity to identify and select just the right gifts that will suit her, while positively influencing them, despite the season or occasion.

3. Your Girl’s Learning Style

Learning is a unique process for every child, and that includes your ten-year-old girl. Learning styles include developing visual, sound, touch, taste, among other cognitive abilities. Discovery of new things/methods/approaches, exploration, and problem-solving are among the top learning styles used by girls around the age of ten especially during their playtime. Therefore, always be keen to learn your young lady’s style of learning to help you pick an appropriate gift that she will also enjoy and embrace.

4. Stages of Development

As your young girl grows, she goes through several stages that have a direct influence on her behavior. Having a connection with your ten-year-old girl will immensely help you understand this dynamic process of grown and development, and it will indeed help you in selecting the right gifts for her.

5. Her Interests

The most perfect gifts are those you buy after pondering carefully as to what your child’s interests really are. Your own interests do not automatically translate into her interests. While kids have been known to develop a liking for toys that they initially had no interest in, it is in the best interest of you and your little girl if you go for gifts that excite her. You do not want a disappointed look on her upon realizing that the gift you got her inspires no interest after spending your hard-earned cash.

6. Family Values

Buying a gift is not just for the sake of it. You must consider the values you have been instilling into your daughter when buying her a gift, otherwise you will be contradicting yourself as a parent. For example, if one of your key family values is promoting physical fitness, you may select a gift that tends to promote physicality such as a basketball or a tennis racket, especially if she has a keen interest on a sport. Go for educational toys if you often stress about the importance of learning and education.

7. The Safety of the Gift

The gift you opt to buy your 10-year-old should not be a safety hazard for your baby. According to your basic judgement, you already know if your child pays attention to gift or toy instructions. This also goes with her personality. Choose a gift idea you are sure that it will not pose any safety risk to your 10-year-old according to her character/personality.


The gifts you choose to buy for your budding 10-year-old girl depend on a lot of factors, ranging from her personality, family values, interests, to her style of learning. Every young girl especially in this age bracket is unique, trying to discover herself as she approaches the fragile teen-hood. By following this review, you will develop a better understanding of your little gem which will assist you in learning how to choose the perfect gift for her at every occasion, season, or event.