Most toys these days are made to eliminate the solid gender division. Moreover, toy manufacturers have been trying to eliminate racial biases in aisles of large toy stores as well. Despite this change, some parents still look for gender-specific toys for boys. Boys’ blaster guns usually become popular with boys that enjoy quick, energetic, and active games outdoors that promote a competitive attitude.

For boys that are 12 years old, technological or robotic toys might be of great interest as they tend to stimulate their interest in science, engineering, STEM, and robotics in general. This phenomenon can be used to explain the immense interest in video game consoles, tablets, and portable gaming devices amongst boys this age.

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For boys that enjoy various sports, a uniform of their favorite team might be a hit. Also, you could gift them a football, baseball gloves or a baseball bat. Whatever it is you choose to gift your 12 year old boy, try to pick a gift that will urge active playing. Because unfortunately most children these days spend most of their time sitting down with different electronic gadgets.

ImageModelFeaturesLatest Price
Blue Orange Djubi ClassicBlue Orange Djubi Classic
  • Outdoor: Yes
  • Indoor Suitable: Yes
  • Gift Box: Yes
Check Price
National Geographic Dinosaur Dig KitNational Geographic Dinosaur Dig Kit
  • Outdoor: No
  • Indoor Suitable: No
  • Gift Box: No
Check Price
Small Fish Infinity Cube Fidget ToySmall Fish Infinity Cube Fidget Toy
  • Outdoor: No
  • Indoor Suitable: Yes
  • Gift Box: Yes
Check Price
Play22 Toy Truck Transport Car CarrierPlay22 Toy Truck Transport Car Carrier
  • Outdoor: Yes
  • Indoor Suitable: Yes
  • Gift Box: Yes
Check Price
Nerf N-Strike Elite Strong Arm BlasterNerf N-Strike Elite Strong Arm Blaster
  • Outdoor: Yes
  • Indoor Suitable: No
  • Gift Box: Yes
Check Price
Think Fun Adams CubeThink Fun Adams Cube
  • Outdoor: Yes
  • Indoor Suitable: Yes
  • Gift Box: No
Check Price
Franklin Sports NFL Kids Football Helmet and JerseyFranklin Sports NFL Kids Football Helmet and Jersey
  • Outdoor: Yes
  • Indoor Suitable: Yes
  • Gift Box: No
Check Price

Top 7 Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys Review in 2020 

1. Blue Orange Djubi Classic

Djubi is a fun new twist on the traditional game of catch that so many generations enjoyed and adorned. Djubi compromises of a specially designed racket, nets and a unique throwing ball called Djubi.


To throw the ball, your boy would need to slip the loop of the ball over the launching hook on the racket. Then pull it back with a little force and let go. To catch the ball, children would need to hold up the racket and try to catch the Djubi ball with the deep net pocket on the racket. Depending on what force is used to launch the ball, it can fly as high as 100 feet into the air.

It also perfectly floats in the water, so your child can bring the Djubi set to the beach or the swimming pool. The set is available in three different sizes: classic, junior, and large spring-loaded. The junior has the smallest and lightest ball, whereas the spring-loaded Djubi set comes with a large ball that is sprung into the air using spring mechanisms.

What We Liked
  • Great gift for active boys that enjoy the outdoors
  • Encourages team playing and competitiveness
  • Can be used in the water too
What We Didn't Like
  • The rubber band quickly breaks loose
  • Balls were reported to break into two parts
  • If played with too rough, the balls can bruise the skin

2. National Geographic Dinosaur Dig Kit

If your child is interested in fossils or dinosaurs, this dig kit will be the perfect gift for your 12-year-old boy. The kit comes with a magnifying glass, plastic digging tools and a brick fossil that contains a dinosaur bone, dinosaur poop, and a mosasaur tooth.


The fossil set comes with a booklet that immerses your children in pre-historic facts, photos, and rock collection information. Parents who have already bought this kit reported that their boys were excited to find the fossils just like they were excited to unwrap their Christmas presents.

The National Geographic kit can be turned into a keepsake once your boys grow much older. Moreover, all pieces in the kit are made using only toxin-free materials. You can be confident that the manufacturers did not use PVC, BPA or any other polymers in the production of this Dinosaur Dig Kit.

Sadly, this is a one-shot kit, meaning your boy will get to dig his fossils only once. Plus, the fossils have been reported to be very small, not the size expected by most.

What We Liked
  • Awakens interest in archaeology and the pre-historic era
  • Fossil can be kept as a keepsake when the child grows
  • Perfect for sibling activity
What We Didn't Like
  • Good for one-time use only
  • Some kits were reported to be missing a fossil
  • Fossils are small

3. Small Fish Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

The CIOR toddler snow boots come in a variety of colors for both boys and girls. They also accommodate age ranges from 1 – 14 years old. With a rubber sole and high-quality suede as the inside fabric, they prevent water from getting inside. These snow boots are skid-resistant, hence keeping your toddlers safe in case of slippery roads or if they are playing any winter sports.

These snow boots for kids are not only stylish as they have a fur lining on the shaft but also comfortable to pull on and off by the kids. The fur lining extends on the inner side as well; therefore, it helps keep your toddlers’ feet warm and cushioned.

What We Liked
  • Improves motor skills
  • Calms anxiety, nerves, and relieves stress
  • Smooth surface and curved edges
  • ASTM International Toy certified
  • Pocket size
  • Solid joining cubes
What We Didn't Like
  • Plastic will not withstand a hard fall
  • Makes noise when played with

4. Play22 Toy Truck Transport Car Carrier

This Play 22 Truck Carrier Car is of food-grade plastic that is eco-friendly yet extremely durable. It includes six beautiful racing cars and can accommodate 28 cars in total; 14 on each side.

Plus, the lower deck contains plenty of construction signs, roadblocks, cones, and other essential tools. The cab can be easily detached and rotated 180 degrees. The truck itself has a comfortable handle on top, making transportation a breeze.

Moreover, the cab and the truck can be separated whenever needed. The truck itself is washable in warm water with mild soap. The sides of the truck’s design come with various theme-friendly stickers that are water-proof. If your son isn’t a fan of the cab coming apart from the truck, you can glue them together.

The downside, however, is that if you have a son that is very well versed in cars and already has a few such toys, he might not find this truck particularly interesting.  Parents have reported that boys older than eight years found this truck to be of mediocre interest.

What We Liked
  • Food-grade plastic
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Very durable, easily takes a beating
  • Cab and truck can be separated
  • Accommodates up to 28 cars and various other tools
What We Didn't Like
  • Stickers on the side of the truck come off after some time
  • The plastic wheels can be a choking hazard for younger siblings
  • The cars fall off when moving the truck

5. Nerf N-Strike Elite Strong Arm Blaster

This blaster gun holds up to six elite darts and is capable of firing the soft darts up to 80 feet. The Slam Fire slide enables the user to shoot all six darts at once, making this bluster gun even more fun. The darts can be reloaded using the rotating barrel in just a few seconds, and darts are fully compatible with the Elite blaster gun and the N-strike blaster gun.

The manufacturer does not recommend using other darts to prevent possible malfunction or even injury. The blaster gun is available in several colors that are liked by both boys and girls. Overall, this blaster gun has been designed to offer fast draws and quick fitting, while putting the elite blaster battles in the palm of your 12 year old boy.

If you are looking to gift your son a blaster that stands second to none when it comes to mobility and speed, look no further. The elite darts used in the Nerf blaster underwent a recent upgrade, and currently, have better distance range as well as lasting power. The upgrade has also ensured that the darts are shot with better flight accuracy and stability while maintaining that amped-up speed that makes Nerf guns so well known.

What We Liked
  • Accurate flight pattern
  • High velocity
  • Upgraded darts
  • Easy reload rotating barrel
  • Cool design for boys
  • Does not require batteries
What We Didn't Like
  • Soft, foam darts lose their shape thus becoming very hard to shoot
  • The rotating barrel has been reported to get stuck after some time
  • Comes in a plain brown cardboard box

6. Think Fun Adams Cube

An ingenious design that stemmed from the traditional Adams Cube, this cube combines six different puzzles on each side. Each side is made from translucent plastic and offers the player a new challenge in the form of a puzzle.

The puzzles are all related, and the player would need to solve the first one before moving on to the next one. This Adams Cube is perfect for young boys as it stimulates their brain to think and solve the challenges on each side critically.

The University of Illinois is now investigating one claim; it claims that Adams Cube is capable of improving memory and math skills in children. It states that these positive impacts are gained because our brain is like one big muscle, and the more you train it, the better it becomes.

The game pieces, as well as the instruction booklet, can be kept in the cube itself. Moreover, parents could place money inside the cube for the child to find once he solves the puzzle. This price could serve as additional encouragement to try and solve the Adams Cube.

As for the quality, the cube is durable and has safe materials that will last longer than the average Rubik cubes. Furthermore, parents have reported that the cube was a hit with adults too.

What We Liked
  • Affordable and fun
  • Made from durable materials
  • Challenges thinking and problem-solving
  • Great for team thinking and working
What We Didn't Like
  • It is not as hard as the manufacturer has advertised it to be
  • Good for one time solving of each puzzle only
  • Can be taken apart by the fewer patient players

7. Franklin Sports NFL Kids Football Helmet and Jersey

If your boy is a huge fan of NCAA Football or the NFL, then this might be his dream gift. The set comes with a helmet made from reinforced plastic, a mesh jersey that will keep cool even on hot summer days, and pants with iron numbering plates.


Moreover, this uniform set can double as a Halloween costume or as an outfit for costume parties. It comes in various sizes so you can be sure you will find the right size for your 12-year-old boy. However, it does not include a football or knee protectors.

You can wash it in the washing machine on a cold setting but don’t toss it in the dryer as that might make the colors bleed and fade. The shirt numbering needs to be ironed onto the shirt for it to transfer completely.

Though, the manufacturer provides all numbers from 0-10, once you iron the numbers on they become permanent. Hence, you will not be able to change the shirt numbers.

What We Liked
  • Parents can choose uniforms from an array of teams
  • Size chart is accurate
  • Cool iron numbering
  • Padded helmet
What We Didn't Like
  • The uniform is a synthetic material
  • The numbers are not mirrored images
  • Numbers are difficult to transfer onto the shirt

Final Thoughts

Shopping can be a challenging task, especially for a pre-teenager. However, parents and other family members better cherish this period as shopping for a 20-year-old young man is a whole other story.

Most boys around the age of 12-13 years old still very much enjoy various games and toys despite them now reaching early teenagerhood. You should encourage outdoor activity, because, in our modern world that is full of technology, not many teens still prefer a toy to an electronic gadget.

As mentioned in previous articles, play better stimulates the frontal lobe in boys. The frontal lobe is responsible for logical thinking, creativity, and imagination. It is also solely responsible for vital skills and abilities. Depending on how much your boy likes and enjoys running around, I would opt for the Nerf N-Strike gun blaster. Hasbro is known to create toys that last for an extended time despite being tossed and crashed.

By buying this blaster gun, I would be confident that I have spent my money wisely. Moreover, its cool features are destined to become a hit with my son as he enjoys battle-like games and loves coming up with different battle strategies. Furthermore, I am confident that my son will still be interested in the gun once he grows older.

If your son is not into running and fighting games, I would suggest you invest in the Adams Cube. The thought of figuring out the puzzles before anyone else will spark an interest in him. Also, you could devise a reward program where you could allow your child to stay an extra hour up on school days for every puzzle that he solves. This reward program is just an idea; of course, you are free to develop a reward program yourself.

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Lastly, all the gift ideas in this guide come with free shipping and solid return policy. If you find yourself buying a gift and then changing your mind, you can quickly return it and order something else.