Trailers have been in use for a long time now. People use them as a means of transportation, be it humans or cargo. When bikes became popular, bike trailers were introduced to provide accommodation to multiple people at a time. Similarly, people who wanted to enjoy bike riding activities with their children also opted for bike trailers. 

The two most significant and promising features of bike trailers are comfort and safety. The safety of the children is every parent’s priority, and then comes their comfort. A bike trailer provides both these services while allowing you to enjoy memorable bonding time with your little one. Furthermore, towing your child in a bike trailer can be a lot more comfortable and convenient than carrying that weight, either on your back or your bike.

Bike trailers can accommodate one or two children, and that depends on the model of the bike trailer. Additionally, some models of bike trailers are also convertible, and you can convert them to a stroller whenever you want. Furthermore, your child should always wear a bike helmet before you take him on a ride with you. Doing this will ensure his safety and help him develop a careful and responsible attitude.  

Let’s talk about the design of a bike trailer. Bike trailers are usually enclosed trailers that feature an aluminum frame. Aluminum is the ideal choice when it comes to bike trailer frames. It is lightweight and doesn’t get too heavy when your child sits in the bike trailer.

In addition to that, a bike trailer features fabric on the top and usually has mesh windows on the sides to provide proper ventilation. Some bike trailers include zipped, mesh doors with plastic covers that offer ventilation as well as weather protection. Furthermore, the fabric on the sides of the bike trailer should be tight and free of gaps to prevent the kids from poking into the holes. 

Features to Consider

There are a few features that you need to consider to make the right choice when buying a bike trailer:

Seating Capacity:

Some trailers can accommodate only one passenger, whereas others can accommodate two or more passengers at a time. You should consider the seating capacity according to the number of potential passengers that are going to ride in it at once. 


A harness is a vital safety feature of a bike trailer. Bike trailers usually come with five-point harnesses where you strap in your child to keep him safely seated. Additionally, harnesses keep the kids balanced and protect them from falling and injuring themselves.


Suspensions in bike trailers ensure a smoother ride for the little passengers. Most bike trailers come with suspensions that smooth out the bumps in the roads and keep your kid comfortable.

Storage Pockets:

The convenience that a storage pocket provides is always appreciated. Most bike trailers feature storage pockets and sometimes a snack tray, too, where your child can keep his food and toys. In addition to that, a lot of bike trailers also contain dedicated storage compartments for adults. These compartments are where you can keep a variety of items, such as your keys, wallet, a water bottle, a lunch box, and a diaper bag. 

Windows and Retractable Sunshade:

Another essential feature of a bike trailer is a retractable sunshade that blocks out the sun and keeps it from irritating your little passenger. Furthermore, plastic/mesh windows in a bike trailer allow your child to enjoy the view, and they provide maximum cross ventilation. A lot of bike trailers use UV rays resistant fabric that shields him from the harmful UV rays of the sun. In addition to that, some bike trailers feature bowed sides to provide maximum interior space to the passengers.

Parking Brakes:

Some inexpensive bike trailers feature parking brakes that are located at the bar and press on one of the wheels. Such type of parking brakes is not as secure as other types. Similarly, a lot of high-end models of bike trailers contain parking brakes that lock the hub entirely. These are the most secure ones and keep the bike trailer from rolling away. 

Additional Features of Bike Trailers:

There are some other features that you can add to your bike trailer for extra comfort and safety. These features are not usually built-in and cost you extra. So, if you’re not tight on budget, here are some more essential features that make your bike trailer awesome:

Neck Support Pillow and Extra Padding:

If you are riding with a young kid, then a neck support pillow is a vital feature that you need in your bike trailer. A neck support pillow keeps the head of the kid balanced while providing it proper support. However, it is recommended that the children who can sit unaided and upright should be allowed to sit in a bike trailer. In addition to that, a child should also be able to keep his head up while wearing a bike helmet. Before you take your child on a ride with you, ask your pediatrician if your child is ready for that. Furthermore, the industry standard is that bike trailers are only suitable for kids aged one to six years. 

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Accessory Bag:

You can also get a handlebar accessory bag for convenient storage. These bags allow you to reach your stored essentials without stopping or unzipping the bike trailer.

Bike Mounts:

Some people also go for additional bike mounts, so they don’t have to switch a single mount from bike to bike. 

Light Kit:

Light kits make the bike trailer easily visible when you are riding. A lot of manufacturers make trailer-specific light kits that you can attach to your bike trailer. Furthermore, if your bike trailer has loops on the front and back, you can also put on the cycling lights for your convenience.

Conversion Kits:

Lastly, a lot of bike trailers come with a spare wheel that allows you to convert it into a foot-travel trailer. In addition to that, you can also purchase conversion kits that enable you to turn the bike trailer into a stroller, jogger, or a ski-jogger.

Furthermore, a strolling kit mostly includes a single swivel wheel that you can connect to the tow bar. Similarly, a jogging kit usually contains a single large wheel. Whereas, a ski conversion kit comes with a pair of skis that you can attach to the trailer.

In conclusion, make sure that you know what you are looking for and consider the features mentioned above. Hopefully, this information will help you in making the right decision when you go to purchase a bike trailer for your child.

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