Child bike seat or bike trailers provides you an excellent opportunity to bond with your child while enjoying an adventurous ride. Being able to take your child with you on your bike allows you to knock out some errands while you get your daily exercise! Consider a bike seat or bike trailer as a temporary babysitter!

However, deciding between a bike seat or a bike trailer can be a little tricky because you need to consider a lot of things. For people who live in the suburbs, a bike trailer can be the right choice because the roads are not very busy. However, if you live in the city, a bike seat is the safest option for your kid.

Child bike seats have two different types, and whichever type you decide to choose, make sure that you look for all the essential features. Front-mounted bike seats are suitable for very young children, so you can always keep an eye on them. However, back-mounted bike seats can be used for toddlers if they weigh under the maximum weight limit.

Let’s Have a Look at the Comparison of Child Bike Seats and Bike Trailers.

Child Bike Seats

Here are some significant features of child bike seats:

Bike Seat Type

As we discussed, there are two types of child bike seats front-mounted bike seats and rear-mounted bike seats. Front-mounted bike seats are usually suitable for children aged nine months to two or three years. Nine months is the minimum age limit for kids to start riding a bike in most states.

This age is when your child starts to support his body and keep his head upright. Rear-mounted bike seats are ideal for bigger kids because it doesn’t block the rider’s view and helps keep the bike balanced. Additionally, with front-mounted bike seats, steering the bike can be a little tricky.

1. Seat-Belt and Harness

Since bike seat safety is paramount for all parents, all child bike seats come with belts to keep the child safely strapped in. However, safety harnesses are different on different bikes. Some bikes feature three-point safety harnesses, whereas others come with five-point safety harnesses.

A five-point safety harness is an ideal option as it keeps your child securely strapped in his seat and prevents him from losing his balance. Furthermore, a five-point harness goes across the midsection, over both shoulders, and between the legs.

2. Footrest With Restraints

Sometimes children can get very energetic and hard to handle, and their curious nature makes things a lot crazier. If you use a front-mounted bike seat, it’s possible that your child could grab the handlebar or change the gears. Therefore, causing the bike to lose its balance, which could be a considerable safety risk, especially if you have a child on board. Footrests with restraints keep those little feet safely tucked away. In addition to that, some footrests adjust as your child grows and allows for more extended use.

3. Right Size

Each child weighs differently from the other. Therefore, it is vital to choose a bike seat that can accommodate your child in the right way, and for an adequate period. Make sure that you weigh and measure your kid before purchasing a child bike seat. Additionally, rear-mounted seats are usually ideal if you are looking for long-term use.

4. Recline Feature

The recline feature is a luxury feature, and not all bike seats include it. Additionally, this feature exclusively comes in rear-mounted bike seats because, in front-mounted bike seats, it could make the rider uncomfortable. Furthermore, this feature provides maximum comfort to your child, especially if he falls asleep during the ride.

5. High Backrest

Most front-mounted bike seats don’t come with high backrests because they block the rider’s view. Yes, a high-back rest adds to the comfort of the bike seat. It provides your child with maximum support when he wants to sleep and keeps him from sleeping in an uncomfortable position.

Bike Trailers

Bike trailers have become an increasingly popular choice among parents. Let’s have a look at the significant features of a bike trailer:

1. Swivel Feature

Since bike trailers are a tag-along accessory, they come with wheels for convenient and effortless mobility. Most bike trailers come with a swivel wheel attached at the bike trailer’s arm. This swivel wheel prevents the bike trailer from tipping over. In addition to that, it also helps around the corners or when you take a sharp turn.

Furthermore, bike trailers with swivel features usually have an arm that is about 1.5 feet long, and that is the distance between the bike and the bike trailer. This distance, and being low to the ground doesn’t make a bike trailer the safest choice on a busy road.

2. Jogging Wheels

A lot of bike trailers come with a jogging feature, which means that you can convert the bike trailer into a jogging stroller. When not using a bike, you can bring your child with you in a stroller.

3. Single or Double Capacity

A double bike trailer can accommodate your twins at once. These bike trailers have enough room for your two children to sit and enjoy the ride comfortably. However, the sizes and weight limitations of bike trailers also vary, so you can go with the one that meets your needs.

4. Covering and Ventilation

Bike trailers are usually covered from all sides, which is an excellent feature. It protects the child from extreme weather and dirt and debris on the road. Furthermore, most bike trailers come with plastic front-doors that also have mesh windows for ventilation. In addition to that, these mesh windows have transparent plastic rain covers that cover the mesh if it starts raining.

5. Storage

Storage is an added benefit that comes with a bike trailer. A lot of bike trailers provide adequate storage space that enables you to keep your groceries safely. Additionally, you can keep food items, boxes, clothes, and a diaper bag with you at all times.


Bike child seats are the ideal option if you live in the city and commute to work on a bike. Your child seat will accommodate your kid anywhere you go. Additionally, a child bike seat is the safest option to bring your child with you on those busy city roads. Lastly, always make sure your children are wearing their bike helmets anytime they are in a bike trailer or bike seat.

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