A baby shower is a unique gathering to celebrate mom-to-be and the baby that she is expecting. The parents are happy and nervous for the big day, and their close friends and relatives want to share in the joy. 

Hosting a baby shower is not an easy task. It has evolved so much, and everything you do has to be on point. The most important thing that you need to consider is the day of the celebration. Make sure that it isn’t too close to the special day because the mom-to-be is busy preparing for the newest addition to her family and doesn’t need anything overwhelming. You can make a planning process with a baby shower checklist that will help you stay organized and do things step-by-step.

How to Organize a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is one of the most exciting celebrations of a woman’s life, and as a baby shower hostess, you have to consider every small detail. You will have to ensure that the party stays true to the guest of honor’s taste and style. Keep everything that she likes in your mind. Consider her favorite décor style, colors, and hobbies, or other fun activities. Take inspiration from her nursery ideas to make sure that the theme of the celebration is something that she will genuinely love.

For a successful baby shower, the first thing that you need is to stay organized. Make sure that you have enough time to do everything right and make the best ideas come to life. Your step-by-step guide and checklist will help you throughout your baby shower planning.

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How to Prepare a Baby Shower Party?

Nine to Ten Weeks Before:

  • Choose a date and time for the party by consulting with the guest of honor or mom-to-be. Most baby showers commence when the mom-to-be is about seven months pregnant. At this time, she is safely into her pregnancy and still very comfortable doing random stuff. A pre-decided time will allow the mom-to-be and her partner to get their preparations for the little one’s arrival in order according to the party and they won’t have to do things in a rush.
  • Determine your budget so that you can decide a venue for the party and the number of guests that you can entertain.
  • Make a guest list of all the people that you think are close to the guest of honor and the people you think she would want at her party. Don’t overdo. A big crowd can be a little overwhelming for the mom-to-be.
  • Select a venue for the celebration by considering the time, the number of guests, and of course, your budget. If the guest list is extensive, or you have a big budget, go for something fancy like a hotel or a restaurant. If you are short on the budget, a party in your backyard would save you so much money and trouble.
  • Confirm the gender of the baby if the mom-to-be wants a specific color theme for the celebration. If the baby is a girl, you can go for pastel colors like pink, peach, or white, etc.
  • Make a list of décor items your celebration theme is going to require. The idea that you are following should be kept in mind while deciding for decorations.
  • Order your baby shower’s invitations and thank you cards by following the theme. For your invitation and thank you cards, make sure that your style and formatting fits your chosen theme and the wording used on the cards is delightful and inviting. Emails work as an invitation too if you are going to have a casual shower, but for a formal one, proper invitation cards are always a good idea.

Five Weeks Before:

  • Mail the invitations to all the guests. Mailing the invitations weeks before the party will ensure that the guests have plenty of time to save the date, shop for gifts, and reserve a nanny for their kids. You will also have plenty of time to add a forgotten guest in the guest list.
  • Begin planning a menu for the party. Make sure that it fits the taste of the guest of honor. If the mom-to-be is craving comfort food, go for mini sliders, small bowls of potato salad, mini fried chicken, and mini cupcakes. If the mom-to-be likes Mexican food, you can add tacos, a salsa bar, guacamole, and non-alcoholic margaritas to the menu. Serve the food in small portions to make it easier to manage and prevent food wastage. 
  • Order decorations for the party, because they will take some time to arrive. Be sure to order non-perishable decorations well beforehand. You can purchase decorations like flowers on the day of the party. 
  • Check-in on the status of the gift registry. It should be ready before the invitations arrive at the guests’ homes so that they have plenty of time to decide and shop for gifts.

Four Weeks Before:

  • Order the cake or the cupcakes for the baby shower. Make sure to confirm that order and keep a follow up to avoid a cake-emergency situation on the day of the party.
  • Plan out the games and activities for the baby shower. Order all the baby shower favors and the prizes for the games.
  • Find a photographer for the big day. It is always a good idea to save the memories so that you can cherish them later.
  • Book the rental supplies if you need for the party such as a catering service.

Two Weeks Before:

  • Follow up with the guests who haven’t RSVP’d yet. Make sure that they got their invitations and are joining you for the big day.
  • Confirm your reservations or rental services.
  • Confirm your cake order and other food supplies that you have ordered for the day.
  • Assign someone to pick up the guest of honor for the day. Make sure that the pickup service is comfortable and punctual.
  • Go through the checklist again and make sure you have extra hands to help you out on the day.

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One Week Before:

  • Purchase food items such as canned or frozen food. 
  • Assign someone to record gifts for the mom-to-be at the party 

Two to Three Days Before:

  • Stock up on bar items and other menu items that you are going to need.
  • Pick up serving supplies such as napkins, plates, utensils, etc.

One Day Before:

  • Pick up the cake or the cupcakes for the party.
  • Set up the party space if you are planning the baby shower at home instead of a hotel or a park.

Day of the Celebration:

  • Set up a space for the gifts.
  • Organize food and drinks.
  • Enjoy the party.

Tips on How to Plan a Baby Shower Program

A few tips will help you in keeping everything organized. Your guest of honor will love a few personalized touches to make this baby shower a memorable day in her life. 

  • Consider the expectant mother’s taste before making any significant decisions for the party. Making a list of her favorites will help you in narrowing down and deciding the design or food options.
  • The style of the baby shower invitations should give the guests an idea about the big day’s theme.
  • If your guest of honor isn’t a fan of dramatic statements, then keep things simple. Overdoing things won’t be a good idea then. Go for some flowers, balloons, greenery, confetti, and some advice jars.
  • You can use plants as baby shower favors and for the decorations as well. They give a refreshing look to everything around them.
  • You can use pillows or seating cushions if you are short on chairs for the sitting arrangement in your living room.

Where to Have a Baby Shower?

Here are eight unique places that you can organize your baby shower at:

  • Your local tea room
  • A restaurant
  • Community center
  • Church hall
  • Clubhouse 
  • A hotel room
  • Outdoors
  • Your living room

How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Low Budget?

If you are a little tight on budget, here are a few tips you can follow to keep things classy yet inexpensive:

  • Choose a color scheme that will be easy to follow for DIY decorations. Try to make your décor items or get them from a dollar store instead of some fancy shop. DIY decorations will take more time, but the result won’t disappoint you. Make sure that you stick to the color palette and don’t mess it up.
  • Look for a budget-friendly venue and menu. Hosting a baby shower at a rented place will cost you a lot, so organizing it in your or a friend’s living room or backyard will be a good and budget-friendly idea. You can also ask your co-hosts and enlisted friends and family members to prepare food for the party.
  • Don’t spend on paper invites instead send digital invites to the guests. Email invites are always a good idea. You can also use sites like greenenvelope.com, punchbowl.com, or evite.com to send out digital invites to the guests.
  • To keep your guests entertained, create budget-friendly games. You can try an advice jar to keep the messages from the guests instead of getting a formal guest book. Buying plain onesies from the dollar store and letting guests decorate them with fabric paint also sounds like a fun activity.
  • Let the friends or family members that live out of town attend the party virtually. You can use FaceTime or Skype video chat to keep them updated with the party.

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