Parents like to take their kids with them wherever they go, and biking is no exception. A lot of children develop a likeness for bike rides at a very young age. Some time ago, parents used to wait until their kid turned seven or eight years old before introducing them to a bike. However, this is not the case anymore. Additionally, a lot of equipment today allows you to go on a ride with your kids worry-free; and a bike trailer is one of these things.

Furthermore, a lot of people use bike trailers for carrying cargo. A bike trailer can hold about 80 to 125 pounds of weight, which is quite adequate. If you are taking kids, then this weight limit is more than enough. Young kids don’t weigh a lot, and they can sit very comfortably and safely in the bike trailer. Additionally, if you have two kids, you can buy a bike trailer that accommodates two kids at a time. With added security features, you can fearlessly ride around on a bike with your kids.

Everything You Need to Know About Bike Trailers

Bike trailers are not a modern concept, and people have been using them for ages to carry cargo or to transport children. Additionally, using a bike trailer has several benefits for the kids and their parents, as well.

Advantages of Using Bike Trailers for Kids

Let’s have a look at a few benefits of using a bike trailer:

1. Keeps You Fit

Dealing with young kids can be a lot, but parents still manage to have fun with them in a lot of ways. However, the burden of parenting can be too time-consuming and energy-consuming that it gets in the way of staying fit and in shape.

Using a bike trailer can help you build a healthy routine, keep you fit while allowing you to engage in a fun and productive activity with your kids. Furthermore, pulling the extra weight behind you enables you to endurance train yourself. Also, it can become a good workout routine for you.

2. Fresh Air

We don’t put enough value on how important fresh air is for us, and rolling down the car windows isn’t going to cut it. It is essential to teach our children to enjoy nature and what better way to do it than going on a bike ride with them. When children breathe in the fresh air, smell the flowers, and see the greenery, it refreshes everything, and it brings your children close to nature. Not to mention, this could be quite adventurous for the parents too.

3. Bonding Time

Going on a bike ride with your kids can be an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with your children. It allows you to bond with them while experiencing several other exciting and adventurous things. Additionally, fun, living-room activities are not enough for the healthy development of the kids.

Choosing the Right Bike Trailer

Choosing between a bike trailer and a bike seat is a bit difficult. Furthermore, choosing the right bike trailer can be tricky because you have to consider a lot of things. The first factor is the budget, and then we consider everything else.

Following are some things that you need to know before you choose a bike trailer for your kids:

1. Strength and Weight

Good quality bike trailers are constructed from aluminum, instead of steel. The reason behind this is that aluminum is sturdy and lightweight compared to steel. Therefore, a lightweight frame is better because as kids grow up, pulling the bike trailer starts getting more energy-consuming.

2. Gravity

Gravity is essential because it maintains the right balance between the bike and the bike trailer. Check if the bike trailer and the hitch point have a low center of gravity and if the bike and the bike trailer feel adequately balanced when connected.

3. Strolling Capabilities

Some bike trailers can be converted into strollers. But of course, this is an extra feature that you don’t have to consider unless you want to.

4. Compatibility

Make sure that the bike and the bike trailer are compatible with each other. Most hitch points are a standard fit and attach with all models of bikes. But to be on the safe side, make sure that you are going for the right hitch system. In addition to that, check if it is sturdy and reliable, and when connected to the bike, it doesn’t put unnecessary stress on the joins. Furthermore, hitches that are low to the ground are a better option compared to the ones that are as high as the seat post.

5. Cargo Space

Who wouldn’t like a little extra space inside the bike trailer to keep some cargo? It is an added benefit if your bike trailer has some free space behind the seat where you can stow groceries, buckets, bottles, spades, or a picnic basket. There are a lot of items that you could carry with you if your bike trailer has some cargo space.

6. Seating

A lot of people don’t care how comfortable the seating is because safety is their first concern. Hammock style seating will protect your child from the shocks every time you hit a bump when riding. Comfortable seating also ensures the safety and security of the kids. Therefore, make sure that the bike trailer has extra padding on the seat to keep your child comfortable.

7. Helmet Pockets

No, it’s not what you are thinking. Helmet pockets are not storage areas for helmets. These are small and comfortable spaces that allow your children to rest their heads. Additionally, a helmet pocket keeps the head up and secure. It’s a little thing, but it works as an additional safety feature.

In conclusion, now that you know more about bike trailers, purchasing a bike trailer is worth every penny. Furthermore, the safety and security of the children is the priority of every parent, and a bike trailer almost guarantees it. However, bike trailer safety does have some limitations, so be sure to read our bike trailer safety guide here. Within your budget, you can get the best bike trailer that matches your requirements and desired features.

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