Newborn babies require gentle care. Even to put them to sleep you have to make sure that they are not uncomfortable in any way. It is better and safer to put your baby to sleep in a mini crib than most other places. The mattress used in the mini crib must be soft and made of baby-friendly material. Babies require 12 – 13 hours of sleep daily and to offer them ultimate and absolute comfort; one must get acquainted with a mini crib mattress.

There is a variety of styles in crib mattresses to choose from. Mattresses made from organic cotton or wool are suitable for the baby’s sensitive skin. Natural and chemical-free materials are baby-friendly and don’t cause his skin to irritate. Green Guard certified mattresses are not only baby-friendly, but they’re also known as environment-friendly and have low volatile organic comp

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A baby crib mattress should be waterproof because it is very likely to get dirty since babies cause a lot of messes. Non-vinyl waterproof mattress covers also help if your baby crib mattress is not waterproof. A firm mattress offers firm support to the baby’s body, and it is a better option compared to a soft, squishy mattress. There are two basic types of crib mattresses – innerspring and foam.

Innerspring mattresses are just like adult mattresses filled with coil or springs. While foam mattresses are usually made of polyurethane. They are lighter in weight compared to innerspring mattresses. These mattresses are less expensive and easier to lift when it’s time to change the sheets. Foam mattresses are less bouncy which prevents your toddler from jumping on them. Innerspring mattresses are more supportive for your baby’s spine and more durable compared to foam mattresses.

ImageModelFeaturesLatest Price
Dream On Me Mini Portable Crib Mattress
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Material Type: Polyurethane
  • Dimensions: 37 x 24 x 5 inches
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Wonder Dream Baby Crib MattressWonder Dream Baby Crib Mattress
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Material Type: Organic Cotton
  • Dimensions: 52 x 28 x 5 Inches
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Graco Dual-Comfort Baby Crib MattressGraco Dual-Comfort Baby Crib and Toddler Mattress
  • Weight: 15.48 pounds
  • Material Type: polyurethane foam
  • Dimensions: 52 x 28 x 6 inches
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Babyletto Pure Core Non-toxic Mini Crib MattressBabyletto Pure Core Crib Mattress
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Material Type: cotton/polyester
  • Dimensions: 52 x 27.9 x 5.5 inches
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LA Baby Portable Mini Crib MattressLA Baby Portable Mini Crib Mattress
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Material Type: Soy Foam Core And Organic Cotton
  • Dimensions: 38 x 24 x 3 inches
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Moonlight Slumber Mini Crib Mattress
  • Weight: 8.75 pounds
  • Material Type: Polyester Cotton
  • Dimensions: 38 x 24 x 5 inches
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Sealy Baby Firm Rest Baby Crib MattressSealy Baby Firm Rest Baby Crib Mattress
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Material Type: Polyester Cotton
  • Dimensions: 51.6 x 27.2 x 5.8 inches
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Sealy Baby Posturepedic Baby Crib Mattress
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Material Type: Polyester Cotton
  • Dimensions: 51.5 x 27 x 5 inches
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Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib with Mattress
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Material Type: Wood, Cherry
  • Dimensions: 40 x 25.2 x 40 inches
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Emily Crib Mattress
  • Weight: 24.1 pounds
  • Material Type: Organic Cotton
  • Dimensions: 52 x 27.2 x 6 inches
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Moonlight Slumber Breathable Dual Sided Baby Crib MattressMoonlight Slumber Breathable Dual Sided Baby Crib Mattress
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Material Type: hypoallergenic
  • Dimensions: 52 x 27.5 x 5 inches
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Top 11 Best Mini Crib Mattressl Review in 2021

1. Dream On Me Portable Crib Mattress

This mini mattress promises 100% non-toxic construction and durability. Its light weight makes it easier to carry from room to room or even take it to grandma’s for the weekend.

The medical-grade, waterproof nylon mattress cover prevents the liquids and allergens from entering the mattress core. Our best mattress for mini crib features layers of high-density polyester fiberfill and a 50-coil innerspring base that provides extra firmness for the baby’s spine.

The side air-vents allow the circulation of fresh air to prevent billowing in the mattress. This mini mattress is sized perfectly to fit into a mini crib and doesn’t leave any unsafe gaps between the mattress and crib frame.

What We Liked
  • 100% non-toxic, polyurethane-foam, vinyl, & chemical flame retardant free construction
  • Portable
  • Medical-grade, waterproof nylon mattress cover
  • High-density polyester fiberfill
  • 50-coil innerspring base
  • Side air-vents
What We Didn't Like
  • Dents easily in some cases

2. Wonder Dream Baby Crib Mattress

This baby crib mattress is made of 100% breathable, non-toxic, organic material. It offers a dual purpose; the sleep surface is firm enough to provide proper support to your newborn and cozy enough for your toddler.

This mattress is not constructed of foam or latex; instead, its hypoallergenic made. Our best organic mini crib mattress allows the air to pass through to regulate temperature, and there are no VOC’s, off-gassing, toxic emissions.

Its removable cover is made of machine washable, water-repellent, organic cotton. The mattress cover is designed to protect the core from any mess. The backside of this mattress is made from anti-flame materials. This mini crib mattress is Green Guard Gold certified.

What We Liked
  • Hypoallergenic construction
  • Removable organic cotton cover
  • Machine washable cover
  • Water-repellent
  • Breathable & non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Green Guard Gold certified
What We Didn't Like
  • Not an innerspring mattress

3. Graco Dual-Comfort Baby Crib Mattress

This incredible dual-comfort baby crib mattress features two different sides to support your baby through two different stages. Its smooth, firm side is to be used during the infancy period, and the convoluted side is suggested to be used during the toddler stage.

This mattress also has a removable cover that is made from an ultra-soft viscose-polyester blend material and is waterproof ensuring that your baby enjoys a comfortable and dry space during his sleep time.

This mattress cover is hand-washable, using mild soap and cold water. The mattress is constructed from polyurethane foam. Its size perfectly fits the standard baby crib frame.

What We Liked
  • Dual-comfort to support baby through two different stages
  • Removable viscose-polyester made mattress cover
  • Hand-washable cover
  • Waterproof
What We Didn't Like
  • Polyurethane foam made

4. Babyletto Pure Core Crib Mattress

This pure core mini crib mattress is constructed of non-toxic materials. Its quilted hybrid cover is waterproof and protects the mattress with a non-vinyl backing with a soft cotton surface for baby’s ultimate comfort.

This mattress cover is removable and machine washable. This mini crib mattress promises to be free of polyurethane foam, soy foam, vinyl, PVC, chemical flame retardants and many other toxic, hazardous materials.

It is made of a lightweight, fully recyclable polyester core. Our best crib mattress for newborn is perfectly sized to fit into a mini crib frame without leaving any dangerous gaps.

What We Liked
  • Polyester made
  • Cotton made hybrid mattress cover
  • Waterproof and machine washable cover
  • Recyclable polyester core
  • Free of polyurethane foam and other toxic materials
What We Didn't Like
  • A little too firm for the baby

5. LA Baby Portable Mini Crib Mattress

LA baby mini crib mattress is constructed with soy foam. Its blended organic cotton made mattress cover is hypoallergenic with a dust mite barrier. The mattress cover is stain-resistant, waterproof and can be easily cleaned.

This mattress for the mini crib is phthalates free. The mattress features box edge construction, blended cotton fire barrier and firm, breathable soy foam core that is eco-friendly.

What We Liked
  • Hypoallergenic, organic cotton made mattress cover
  • Waterproof
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Phthalates free
  • Eco-friendly
What We Didn't Like
  • Soy foam filling in the core (could be toxic) 

6. Moonlight Slumber Mini Crib Mattress

Moonlight creates the best mattress for mini crib which ensures easy and comfortable slumber time for your newborn. The mattresses made by Moonlight are said to be natural and medical grade. These mattresses are free of lead, PVC, volatile and toxic compounds. Cornered edges and stitched seams add quality to its design.

The design is made in the USA and offers dual support for your baby. The firm side of the mattress provides extra support for the infant and the other side which is cool gel memory foam is designed for toddlers. Just flip the mattress over as your child grows.

Its rectangular shape and small size are natural to fit into any mini crib. The mattress is made of highly-dense material, has no pungent odor and is stain-resistant. Its removable and washable 30% organic cotton cover ensures that your baby enjoys a cozy and comfortable sleep.

What We Liked
  • Dual support – infants and toddlers
  • 30% organic cotton cover
  • Removable, washable cover
  • Waterproof and stain-resistant
  • UL Green Guard certified
What We Didn't Like
  • Polyurethane filling in the core (could be toxic)

7. Sealy Baby Firm Rest Baby Crib Mattress

This Sealy crib mattress ensures the coziest sleep for your little bundle of joy. This mattress possesses 204 heat-tempered interlocking coils that produce superior strength and posture control.

For premium upgrades, you can attach steel edger supporters and anti-sag weights which offer comfortable cushioning on each side of the mattress. This mattress meets or even surpasses all the flammability and safety precaution tests by CPSIA and has no fire-retardants.

The Sealy crib mattress has a Staph-Guard hospital grade antibacterial sanitation cover. The cover is durable and easy to clean with a wipe or a damp cloth. The hypoallergenic cushioning around the mattress provides a luxurious feel and comfort for your baby.

What We Liked
  • Innerspring mattress
  • Hospital-grade waterproof cover
  • Easy to clean
  • Green Guard Gold certified
What We Didn't Like
  • Not light in weight

8. Sealy Baby Posturepedic Baby Crib Mattress

The Sealy baby Posturepedic Baby Crib mattress safeguards your baby’s sleep. There are 220 heavy gauge coils introduced in this mattress that keep watch of the baby’s movements and respond with increased posture support.

This mattress was designed by following the recommendations of the Orthopedic Advisory Board. The cushion helps to create improved support and relief. The Staph-Guard laminating covers provide anti-bacterial and anti-static surface protection to the mattress ensuring a clean sleeping area.

There is a lifetime warranty on its quality and material. For long-lasting comfort, two non-allergenic layers insulate the mattress to offer more durability, the third non-allergenic layer provides extra support, and fourth non-allergenic layer offers a plush, comfortable surface for sleeping.

What We Liked
  • Innerspring mattress
  • Incredible posture support
  • Recommended by Orthopedic Advisory Board
  • Staph-Guard mattress covers
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-bacterial surface
  • UL Green Guard Gold certified
What We Didn't Like
  • Not light in weight

9. Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib Mattress

This folding mini crib with mattress is a great combination to make your child feel comfortable and cozy. The delta mattress is our best portable mini crib mattress with its cute and durable design. This crib uses 35% less space than any other crib.

It’s made of solid hardwood which has a non-toxic finish. Its sturdy and robust design helps create a dreamy nursery for parents and child to spend quality time together. Four wooden casters provide excellent mobility when trying to change the crib room.

The convenient portability feature allows the crib to travel quickly from place to place. Storing the best crib mattress for toddlers becomes a piece of cake when you fold it. The baby crib features a 2-position mattress support that can be lowered in height as your baby grows.

What We Liked
  • 2-position mattress support to accommodate the baby’s growth
  • Portable
  • Occupies less space
  • Folding feature
  • Eco-friendly wheels
  • JPMA, CPSC and ASTM certified
What We Didn't Like
  • Smaller size of the crib only allows one baby to sleep at a time

10. Emily Crib Mattress

The Emily Crib mattress uses natural GOTS certified organic raw materials such as cotton and wool. These mattresses offer contouring support and light bounce.

An 8-inch spring system gives added support and balance with 150 heavy duty coils. The Eco-wool quilted over the mattress acts as a natural flame retardant and helps in preventing any flame retardant exposure towards the toddler.

You can flip the mattress over to the other side if any spill or accident happens that your mattress protector does not catch. This mattress is Green Guard Gold certified and free of polyurethane foam.

What We Liked
  • GOTS certified organic cotton
  • 100% natural eco-wool
  • Protection from flame retardants
  • Green Guard Gold certified
  • Polyurethane free
What We Didn't Like
  • Very expensive

11. Moonlight Slumber Breathable Dual Sided Baby Crib Mattress

By far, Moonlight Slumber Mattress is one of the sturdiest and most firm mattresses in the market. One side is an extra firm layer of foam infused with plant oils, recommended for newborns. The other portion is convoluted and extra plush side foam, recommended for toddlers.

It has passed many safety tests which include durability, off-gassing, and flammability retarding chemicals. The upper body of the mattress has a waterproof covering which prevents the mattress from sagging or ripping.

It is lightweight and easy to carry. It uses latest Woven Nest technology which allows maximum airflow within the mattress. This mattress is easy to clean and only requires a damp sponge and warm water; mild soap can be used if necessary.

What We Liked
  • Dual support for newborns and toddlers
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Maximum airflow
  • Easy to clean
  • Odor-resistant
What We Didn't Like
  • The waterproof cover can’t be removed

Informative Section

To choose an ideal mini crib mattress for your baby could be really exhausting if you don’t know what to look for. Some Frequently Asked Questions are listed below to help you decide what mattress would make the perfect fit for your baby’s crib.

1. What Are Hypoallergenic Mattresses?

Hypoallergenic means that the material used is very unlikely to cause allergies towards your baby’s sensitive skin. Parents concerned about their toddler’s health are advised to check the material before purchasing baby gear.

2. Why Should You Buy a Smaller Mattress?

A smaller mattress can fit even in smaller places. The mini crib mattress can later be used for DIY or recreational purposes, even when the newborn has outgrown its purpose.

3. What is the Best and Easiest Way to Clean a Mattress?

Buyers usually buy waterproof mattresses if your mini baby mattress is not waterproof then consider washing it with baking soda, vinegar, and water solution although it is better to follow the instructions given in the manual for cleaning purpose.


It is recommended for newborns to sleep on a mini crib mattress for their comfort. Recent researches by pediatrics have shown that infants that use pillows or blankets during sleep suffer from oxygen deprivation. They can’t move their heads if a pillow or quilt compromises their breathing.

As adults, we put in a lot of consideration before buying mattresses for ourselves and the same should be done when it comes to our babies. When choosing a baby mattress, you need to keep its life span in mind. You may want to use it for another child in the near future. You can even share it with your friends.

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Always check its waterproofing capabilities, stain resistance, temperature flow and safety for your little one. The baby’s mattress depends on a wide range of factors and you finalize them with serious consideration and careful planning. Most of these mattresses can last up to 6 years or longer. You are the one in charge; you change the mattress if it’s not in good condition or keep it for another baby.