There’s nothing quite like going on a bike ride with your kid. Parenting can be a tough job, and maintaining how to have fun with your kids safely can sometimes be quite exhausting. Activities like cycling can be a little dangerous for kids. Therefore, you have to be extra cautious before you go a bicycle ride with your little one.

Thankfully, this is what we have bike trailers for. These trailers allow you to enjoy with your kid while keeping a watchful eye on them. In addition to that, bike trailers are a safe and reliable way to carry your little ones with you on a joyful ride to the park.

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Parents who love cycling want their kids to be a part of it as well. Therefore, a lot of parents start taking their kids with them at a very young age every time they go for a bicycle ride. However, the safety of children is the first and foremost concern for any parent.

During a bike ride, you have to be a lot more careful than usual because the curious nature of kids can drive them to do anything on a moving vehicle. Other than safety, there are a few more factors that you have to consider. For instance, considering weight, age, size, comfort, and budget ensure how to make the necessary safety arrangements for your little one.

Bike trailers have started to become an increasingly popular choice among parents today. They are a lot safer than bike seats as they are fully covered. In short, a bike trailer is like a small carriage attached to your bike, and it does a great job of protecting the passengers inside. You connect the bike trailer to the rear of your bicycle and tow your kids along with you. This way, the risk of falling decreases, and your child stays secure inside the bike trailer. Additionally, bike trailers come in different shapes and sizes and can carry up to 125 pounds of weight.

Bike Trailers Provide More Safety Because:

Compared to bike seats, whether front-mounted or rear-mounted, bike trailers are a lot more promising when it comes to the security of your kids. Here is how a bike trailer is a lot safer than a bike seat:

1. Easy to maneuver

With the added weight of the passenger at the rear-mounted or front-mounted bike seat, it can be a little hard for you to handle the bike. Additionally, it can also be annoying and dangerous for you if you don’t have a lot of biking experience.

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Furthermore, getting on and off the bike can also be difficult with a child sitting on the bike seat. On the other hand, if you have a bike trailer attached to your bike, you can easily tow it along without fearing for your child’s safety. In addition to that, the bike trailer won’t interfere when you get on or off the bike (Source).

2. Lower to the ground

Bike trailers consist of two wheels and a long hitching arm that you attach to the bicycle from behind. These trailers are low to the ground, which makes them safer than bike seats in case of an accident. In short, if the trailer tips over, the child would fall about 6 inches from the trailer. However, on a bike seat, the child would fall about three feet far, and that too from a height. Additionally, the trailer connects to the rear of the bike, and your child faces forward, enclosed in a protective compartment.

3. Less risky

A bike trailer offers more protection compared to a bike seat because your child sits in a safe zippered compartment. This zippered compartment consists of durable fabric that also features mesh fabric to provide ventilation to the passenger.

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Additionally, a bike trailer has a rigid frame covered with sturdy fabric to form a carriage-like shape to ensure safety. This frame also protects the passenger if the trailer ever falls over. Furthermore, some trailers also feature a hitching arm that enables the bike to fall without tipping over the trailer. However, kids should always wear a bike helmet.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a bike trailer is preferable instead of a rear-mounted or front-mounted bike seat. Either way, make sure that your child wears a helmet every time you take him on a ride with you.

4. Added safety features

Despite the built-in safety features, you can always go for a few added features on your bike. These features will enhance the level of protection that an ordinary bike trailer provides. Here are some of the features that you can consider:

5. Point harness

Most bike trailers feature a five-point harness that straps your child safely into the bike trailer. A safety harness makes sure that your child doesn’t lose balance or fall inside the bike trailer if you hit a bump in the road. Additionally, if you have two, you should get a bike trailer that comes with two five-point safety harnesses.

6. Roll bar

A roll bar is another safety feature that protects the bike trailer from collapsing inwards and injuring the child if the bike trailer rolls over. A roll bar gives durability to a bike trailer and protects it’s all sides to keep your child safe.

7. Wide wheelbase

A broad wheelbase is another vital safety feature that protects the bike trailer from rolling over in case of an accident. However, a bike trailer with an extensive wheelbase can make it harder for you to park the bike in a limited parking space.

8. Ball and socket joint – Rollover hitch

The ball and sock joint feature will protect your child and the bike trailer from rolling over and keep it upright in case an accident happens. Furthermore, even if you are an experienced rider, this feature could be incredibly useful. In addition to that, a rollover hitch is helpful even if you are not riding the bike, and it protects the bike trailer if your bike ever topples over.

In conclusion, bike trailers are not only safe but also a lot more comfortable than bike seats. Their safety features provide more sense of security to the parents and ensure a safer riding environment for the kids as well.

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