An all-in-one bike trailer allows you to do several things conveniently. Multi-sport bike trailers enable you to use them for more than one purpose. With stroller-conversion, jogger-conversion, and ski-conversion options, you can use a bike trailer for a lot more. In addition to that, a multi-sport bike trailer will help you do several tasks at once. We will discuss the benefits and uses of bike trailers later in this article. Firstly, let’s talk about how we can quickly attach a bike trailer to a bicycle using a quick release bike trailer hitch.

How to attach a bike trailer?

Let’s have a look at the step-by-step guide on how to quickly attach a bike trailer using a quick release bike trailer hitch.

1. First of all, remove the quick-release skewer on the rear wheel of the bicycle. You can do this by flipping open the lever and then unscrewing the nut on the other side. Additionally, put away the small nut and spring that you have just unscrewed safely.

2. When you have done that, pull the skewer out and insert the hitch in the same place. Now, put the skewer back into place, through the axle, and reinstall the nut and spring that you put away safely.

3. Keep tightening the nut until the skewer lever begins to tighten at the halfway point.

4. After that, rearrange the trailer hitch horizontally and close the skewer lever completely. Make sure that you close the lever tightly. However, if it doesn’t, tighten the nut a little more, or as necessary. Now, we are all set to attach the bike trailer to the bicycle.

5. Arrange the tow-bar and line up its end in the hole of the hitch correctly. You may need to adjust the alignment of the hitch according to the geometry of the tow-bar.

6. Now, insert the pin from the bottom of the hitch and the tow-bar and lock it in place securely.

7. After that, put the safety strap through the frame of the rear wheel and clip it into the tow-bar safely.

8. You are good to go now. Enjoy the ride!

Benefits of owning and using a bike trailer

Owning a bike trailer usually benefits the entire family and allows you to enjoy bonding time with your children on an adventurous ride. Especially if you like cycling, you will want to share it with your kids and have fun together. Therefore, bike trailers enable you to enjoy cheerful rides with your little passengers without worrying about their safety and comfort. A bike trailer is not only comfortable, but it also provides maximum security to protect the kids in case of an accident. Furthermore, bike trailers are perfect for bringing the family closer and sharing their mutual love of biking.
Let’s discuss a few more benefits of bike trailers.

Reduce pollution, save the planet

We are facing a climate emergency and, therefore, need to cut down on our carbon footprint. Cars are the commonly used means of transportation around the globe and one of the significant contributors to pollution. A bike and a bike trailer not only help you minimize your carbon footprint to reduce pollution, but they also add to the excitement of the adventure. Yes, you can roll down the windows of the car to enjoy fresh air, but it would be nothing compared to riding in the face of the wind. In addition to that, you can save money on gas.

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Spend quality time with your family

Every household has a set of activities crammed into their routine that doesn’t allow them to spend some quality time with other family members. A bike trailer will enable you to enjoy one-on-one bonding time with your little one while riding to your destination. In addition to that, a fun riding-partner makes the journey a little less exhausting.

Stay fit and healthy

Like a treadmill, a bike trailer also helps you stay active and in shape. Going outside, getting fresh air, and exercising is good for health, and with a bike trailer, you can bring your kid with you. It will not only encourage you to bond with your kid but also save you from hiring a babysitter to take care of your child.
Furthermore, having a bike trailer will also encourage your kid to go out with you on trips more often. Additionally, this will also develop a liking for health and fitness activities in your child. Similarly, towing a bike trailer and pulling its weight behind you strengthens your legs and helps your endurance train yourself.

Haul cargo and groceries from the market

A lot of bike trailers come with storage compartments and pockets. These compartments enable you to keep several items, such as food, water, diaper bags, etc. with you while riding. In addition to that, you can use these storage compartments to store shopping bags on your way back from the market. Bike trailers usually have a storage compartment behind the seat. However, if that’s not enough space, then you can also pack the bags upfront with the kids.

Take your pet with you

Other than kids and cargo, bike trailers can also accommodate your pets. Some people don’t like leaving their pets behind while they go on an exciting ride. Dogs love going out, and dog owners take them out every chance they get. Therefore, a bike trailer can help you take your four-legged friend on an adventurous ride with you. Make sure that you zip the mesh door of the bike trailer carefully. It will keep your friend safe while allowing him to enjoy the fresh air.

In conclusion, bike trailers are handy and benefit us in several ways. From toting your kids around to hauling cargo, you can use a bike trailer for many other purposes.

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